Houston Texas Casting Call for Indie Short “FTX”


FTX (short film)

Location: Houston, TX

Type: Comedy

No Pay – Food, imdb / screen credit, and consideration for future projects (NO PAY).


DON (Male, 18 – 20, any ethnicity) — Soldier. Super serious, especially about all things military.
HAROLD (Male, 21 – 25, any ethnicity) — Soldier. Doesn’t give a fuck, especially about the military.
NOTE: Military experience not required, but if you have it–even Reserve or National Guard–please make a note in your submission.
ALSO NOTE: If cast as a soldier, you must be willing to get a haircut, especially on the sides. Especially Don.
BILLY (Male, mid 30s – early 40s, any ethnicity) – A tough guy with a heart of gold. The kind of guy who owns a laundry service as a front. His real business, you don’t want to know about or you might wind up with broken ribs. But he’s got a soft spot, especially when it comes to Dorothy. Spends just as much time reading books as lifting weights.
DOROTHY (Female, mid 20s – early 30s, any ethnicity) – Independent. Pays her own way for everything. Self-reliant. Especially when it comes to men. Will go to any lengths–even if it’s illegal–to stick up for herself.

CAST DATES & TIMES (Actors must be available for all dates)
Saturday, December 2nd, NOON – 2PM — Auditions
Saturday, December 9th, NOON – 2PM — Call back auditions
Saturday, December 16th, NOON – 1PM — Read through rehearsal
Saturday, December 29th — Possible Blocking Rehearsal (???)
Saturday, January 6th — Blocking Rehearsal
Saturday, January 13th — SHOOT
Sunday, January 14th — SHOOT

SOUND MIXER w/ own equipment

CREW DATES & TIMES (Sound Mixer and Production Designers must be available for all dates!! Production Assistants only need to be available for shooting dates.)
Saturday, December 16th, 1PM – 2PM — Production meeting
Saturday, January 6th — Production meeting
Saturday, January 13th — SHOOT
Sunday, January 14th — SHOOT

SUBMISSIONS: oakforestpictures@gmail.com
TALENT submit a headshot and resume and indicate in the subject line the role you want to be considered for (i.e. HAROLD or BILLY).
CREW submit a resume or reel and indicate the position (i.e. SOUND MIXER) in the subject line.
Thank you and we look forward to your submissions!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Houston, TX
Please submit to: oakforestpictures@gmail.com by 2017-11-30

This casting notice was posted by: Timothy Judd, Director / Producer

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