Auditions in DC for Indie Movie Project “Love Has No Color”


Love Has No Color

Location: Washington DC

Type: Film

Synopsis: Malcolm White Jr (a Black lawyer) finds his racial beliefs challenged after falling in love with a Amber Lake (White) while simultaneously defending a Black teenager accused of drugging and raping a White teenage girl.

Character Bios:

Malcolm White Jr (Black, 35-45)
He is a successful lawyer who was raised in a highly educated family with a strong Black heritage. He has an underlying distrust for Whites which was subconsciously instilled during his upbringing.

Amber Lake (White, 35-45)
She is an incredibly loyal and independent woman who aspires most to the paths least traveled. Though she is a project manager for a well established non-profit organization, she lives a very modest lifestyle.

Tory Weathers (Black, 30-40)
He is Malcolm’s business partner. He is highly confident, very fashionable and loves women.

Tracey Sharpe (Black, 30-40)
She is Malcolm’s current love interest. She is a successful local r&b artist. She is afro-centric, free-spirited, smart and sassy.

Marcus Williams (Black, late teens)
Privileged—raised in upper-middle class family—smart/intelligent—makes good grades—longs for a closer relationship with his father—acts out through using drugs

Daryl Williams (Black, Mid-60s)
Owns his own doctor’s office–skeptical of Whites due to racists experiences in the past–disconnected from his family due to his commitment to his business

Brenda Williams (Black, Mid 60s)
Owner of a small coffee shop–close relationship with her son and also tries to make up for the lack of closeness to his father– very protective of him–a lot more personable toward others due to her experiences in her coffee shop with patrons

Malcolm White Sr (Black, Mid 60s)
Successful lawyer approaching retirement—confident–racist toward Whites because of his personal experiences–stubborn in his beliefs–set in his ways
Uncle Lester (Black, 60s)
Down to earth—funny—came up on the rough side of the tracks

Jasmine White (Black, late 30s-early 40s)
Owns her own psychology practice—sassy—optimistic—funny—smart

Lawyer One (White, 30s)
One of the lawyers representing the White girl who accused Marcus of raping her.

Lawyer Two (White, 30s)
The second lawyer presenting he White girl.

If you are interested in auditioning for any of the parts, please send an email to identifying the character you are interested in. We will reply with a side for that character. Record a video of yourself (cell phone video will suffice) reciting the lines in the side. If accepted, you will be contacted for an in-person interview. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Washington DC
Please submit to: by 2018-09-06

This casting notice was posted by: Sunjada Productions

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