Auditions in Kent Ohio / Cleveland Ohio for “CUT: Reckoning” Indie Thriller


CUT: Reckoning – Northeast Ohio non-union independent thriller casting call May 14

Location: Kent, OH

Type: Film


Cold Start Films is seeking non-union actors and crew members in the Northeast Ohio area for the independent feature thriller “CUT: Reckoning”, the long-awaited sequel to 2003’s “CUT”, originally written and directed by Carlos P. Quiros.

15 years after being abducted, tortured, and left for dead by sadistic college classmates, Jody has overcome multiple personal tragedies to settle into a seemingly normal life, but an unexpected encounter sends her world, along with those of of her former captors, crashing back together in a dark cat-and-mouse game involving bitter vengeance, serial killers, and a dangerous love triangle.

Actor auditions will be held Monday, May 14 from 2:00 – 7:30pm at Kent State University Center for the Performance Arts (CPA building) located at 1325 Theatre Dr., Kent, OH 44243. Filming to take place over the Summer at various locations primarily around the Akron-Canton area, with some scenes likely being shot in the Fall. Character breakdowns and additional information listed below.

To schedule an audition time or to ask any questions about the project, please email Jesse Dillon Sorrells at

IMDB credit for all cast and crew members!


JODY: (Lead) Early 30’s. Petite caucasian, brunette. Originally portrayed by Angie Morris in first film, so similar appearance would be ideal. (Reference images on webpage link below or watch CUT on YouTube for comparison: ) Still deals with symptoms of PTSD from being abducted and tortured at age 18. Character ranges from innocent and insecure to methodically brutal and violent, so strong acting skills required.

DAVID: (Lead) 30-ish. Any ethnicity. First-year homicide detective. Boyishly handsome and charming with youthful enthusiasm and naivete. Eagle Scout personality.

DEBBIE: (Supporting) 30-ish. Caucasian or mixed race. Any hair color except brunette! Free-spirited and extroverted “party girl” with a heart of gold. Jody’s best friend. Tries to inject some fun into Jody’s life. Good comedic timing a plus!

FRANKIE: (Female) Early 30’s. Short stature (brunette wig will be provided) Puerto Rican or tan caucasian (or at least able to wear spray tan/body makeup) Originally portrayed by Sarah Snook in first film (reference images on webpage or YouTube link to first film in description of Jody above) Must be able to convincingly portray intense fear. Previous stunt work a plus!

TOMMY: (Male) Early 30’s. Caucasian. Slim, square-jawed and handsome but has become addicted to heroin and other drugs. Originally portrayed by Houston Rhines in first film (reference images on webpage or YouTube link to first film in description of Jody above) Must be able to convincingly portray someone in the midst of a barely-aware heroin binge.

MARK: (Male) Age 25-35, Any ethnicity. Handsome with a gentle nature and friendly smile. Jody’s former fiancee who died tragically prior to the events of the film. Multiple scenes with important actions but no audible lines. Seen in various flashback sequences.

ANNE: (Female) middle-age. Any ethnicity. Sassy and sweet police officer. Has a special fondness for David, her favorite young Detective.

CALDWELL: (Male) 50+ Well-seasoned small town sheriff with a stern but respectful demeanor. A classical gentleman. One scene but pivotal character!

CORONER: (Any gender or ethnicity) 30+. Appears in 3 scenes. Two with dialogue.

Dr. MUELLER: (Male or Female) Any ethnicity. Experienced psychotherapist. Tastefully professional appearance. One scene with dialogue.

HOMELESS MAN: 50+. Stereotypically shabby and unkempt. Grizzled dirty beard. One scene. Screams in protest while being arrested.

OTHER ROLES: (Under 5 lines. Picture-only submissions accepted):

POLICE OFFICERS (2+ scenes. 5 or 6 people needed. Wardrobe will be provided)
CORONER TEAM (2 scenes. 2 people needed. Hazmat suits provided. **Wears size 11 or under shoes!)
SKINNY REDNECK (Male. One scene. Lanky. Looks like a meth addict. Big plus if you already have your own beat-up car/van/pickup truck!)
GAS STATION ATTENDANT (One scene. Disturbingly friendly)
PAYROLL CLERK (One Scene. Extremely sarcastic. Seems to hate the job)

Please note, this is a micro-budget project that will be seeking online crowdfunding for additional support, so at this time positions are not paid, however any production-related travel expenses will be reimbursed and on-set meals/facilities provided. Great opportunity for college film students interested in gaining on-set crew experience over the summer!
Character breakdowns, audition sides, and crew applications are available on the CUT: Reckoning page of our website at
Social media links can be found at the bottom of the webpage.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Kent, OH
Please submit to: by 2018-05-13

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