Auditions in Wisconsin for Indie TV Pilot “Kelly’s”



Location: Mauston, Wisconsin

Type: TV Pilots


Kelly’s is the name of an old saloon, owned by devil-may-care criminal lawyer Patrick O’Brian Kelly, who uses the bar as his office. Kelly doesn’t run or manage the bar, that’s done by slightly rotund Murphy (no one knows if that’s his first or last name) who is also the bartender, every ready to comment on every comment heard.

Emily MacDonald is barmaid at Kelly’s, that is when she’s not working as Kelly’s paralegal. Her ancestry is as Scottish as Kelly’s is Irish, which often leads to wonderous disagreements.

John “Tiny” Smith tends Kelly’s grill. Those who might tend to kid him for his too-typical American name, usually change their mind upon first glance at six-foot-three inches of unsmiling muscle. Besides cooking, Tiny cleans the place, serves as bouncer, drives Kelly and Emily about, and writes exceptionally beautiful poetry.

The bar itself is an unintentionally history of the American corner bar, an icon resulting from no one’s interest in changing, improving, or updating the place. Why change what works and where everyone feels comfortable just the way it is. It has changed some, of course. In 1941, somebody took down the “Kill the Kaiser” sign and replaced it with “Loose Lips Sink Ships.” Tiny gives it a dusting every now and then.

Murphy’s addition to the bar’s décor is another sign stating, “We also serve Englishmen.” Kelly’s has the camber or customer who would never it take it as anything but a good joke (at least most of the time). The backbar and floor are the same age and of the same stained white oak.
There are five well-spaced wooden tables in the room, each surrounded by four sturdy chairs, and topped with serving mats, glass salt and pepper shakers, and a stack of cardboard coasters advertising, “Patrick Kelly, Attorney at Law.”

Kelly’s, the show, is a somewhat lighthearted attack on heavy crime, with action fairly divided between the bar, the crime scene, and the courtroom. Kelly the lawyer’s tactics and methods are approved by a few local lawmen, and considered improper by quite a few others, particularly the area’s District Attorney. Indeed, if all of Kelly’s procedures were bared, he’d probably be barred.
Unknown to most, most of Kelly’s courtroom success is due to his paralegal’s intellectual analysis of all facts and data relating to the crime. It is Emily who provides Kelly with the tools and impetus required to win his cases. And when push comes to shove between Kelly, Emily, and the bad guys, it ‘s often Tiny who exerts the needed umph.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Mauston, Wisconsin
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  1. Joe Hinzman

    I’m very interested in being cast in Kelly’s being filmed in Mauston,Wi. I live 20 minuets away and have profile on Explore Talent. 51 year old male,5’9”,180. Thank you

  2. Gunnar Neuman

    Hi there,
    I was wondering how I could get some more information on this. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great.

    Gunnar Neuman


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