Casting Latino Families Needing a Home Makeover in L.A. & Miami

By | December 10, 2018

Home Makeover show is looking for families in need of some help with their home.

Are you a Latino family living in Los Angeles, California or Miami, Florida?

Does yous home need some professional help?

If so, a television home show may want to hear all about the space that you would love to get professionally redesigned.


NGL Collective is casting a space makeover project, with renowned serial entrepreneur and global businessman Sidney Torres as the resident designer. With his experience and skills, he’ll be leading and guiding 4 men in the renovation of various spaces.

Looking for:

1) Latino Male, early 20’s. Just graduated from college and about to live on his own, beyond the dorm life and into adult life. Will be redesigning a space in his home. MUST be native/Spanish speaker + bilingual.

2) Latino Male, early-mid 40s, active community member, husband and father of 2+ children. Will be redesigning a public community space. MUST be native/Spanish speaker + bilingual.

3) Latino Male, 30s-40s, husband and father. Will be redesigning a space in the home for his wife. MUST be native/Spanish speaker + bilingual.

4) Latino Male, 20s-30s, newlywed. Will be redesigning their living spaces for the holidays and hosting a Christmas dinner for both of their families. MUST be native/Spanish speaker + bilingual.

If you or someone you know fits the bill and deserves a space makeover, email!

Casting home makeover teams for new cable show

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