Chicago Area Auditions for Comedic Actors on Mockumentary “Behind the Fable: The Jack and Jill Story”


Behind the Fable: The Jack and Jill Story

Location: Chicago

Type: Comedy

Behind the Fable: The Jack and Jill Story
This mockumentary takes a look at where our favorite fable characters are after their famed fable dropped 20 years ago. We catch up with Jack and Jill and some of their close family and friends to find out what really happened on the day of “the Fall.”

Looking to film in fall/winter 2018
Location: Clarendon Hills, IL and Villa Park, IL

Casting info:
ADULT JACK – Early to Mid 30 Male. Washed up drunk, lives in a trailer. Wears adult overalls just without a shirt. His trailer is dirty and littered with beer bottles. He has a tack board with random theories on “the fall”. He’s confident that the fall was a set up and determine to prove that it was Jill’s fault. He’s spent 20 years consumed with this obsession.

ADULT JILL – A slightly out of shape mid-30s Female, She used to be pretty but she’s let herself go. She works as a stripper. She wears an adult size frilly dress costume. She’s chewing gum as she’s interviewing. Angry that nobody realized she fell too and sick of being blamed for the incident.

FRIENDLY NEIGHBOR – Late 50s female, boisterous personality, optimistic, really disturbed by the outcome of Jack and Jill

JACQUELINE (JACK’S MOM) – Elderly mom type, lives in a cottage style home. Plump and friendly, overly emotional

JESSICA (JILL’S MOM) – Mom type, slender. Bitter and angry about Jack and Jill

BEN (JACK’S BEST FRIEND) – Mid 30’s male, jock type. Sick of his friend’s attitude.

BILL (OLD CARETAKER) – older gentleman, 60+. He takes a long time to tell a story, very drawn out. Has all the information on what happened after the fall and what it did to the town.

MS. MUFFET – 30-something female distraught over the events that took place told in the poem below. Very emotional and dramatic and is having trouble facing the past.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Chicago
Please submit to: by 2018-11-15

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