Kid’s Auditions for Nickelordeon Paradise Run 2019


Get cast on Paradise Run 2019

The Nickelodeon  kid’s reality style game show “Paradise Run,” has been casting kids, tweens and teens to compete on upcoming seasons and while it looks like casting is complete for the newest season, casting directors still have the page open for those that would like to apply for the upcoming season.

Paradise Run is reminiscent of show’s like Survivor, however, the Nickelodeon version has challenges set up just for kids.

The popular Nick reality challenge premiered 2 years ago and is still going strong.  Nickelodeon Networks and their team of casting directors still have the form open where teams of 2 can take a shot at getting on the show.

Kids are not able to apply on their own, the form requires that parents apply on behalf of their kids, the link is below on this page.  Previous seasons of Paradise Run have allowed teams of two to be comprised of besties, siblings, family members, school mates or even neighbors.  The new team rules are not yet announced but those interested can keep an eye on the following page to see what happens.

The series has filmed previous seasons in the Hawaii area and there is no word yet as to where future seasons may film, of course, that is if there are future seasons.

For anyone who has not seen the show, competition includes kids / teens competing in a variety of physical challenges.  In each episode,  three teams race to complete the given challenges before the other teams complete them. Those challenges include water oriented challenges, obstacle courses and some puzzles to complete.  Previous episodes saw teams competing on a tropical, Hawaiian resort.


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According to Nick’s show’s description, the teams must use a good amount of teamwork to make it through the races. The team’s stamina is also tested as they race across amazing beaches and down a five-story water slide. The grand prize for those that make it is an amazing tropical vacation. Daniella Monet (“Victorious“) host’s the show and each episode is a half hour once it airs.  “Paradise Run” premiered on Nickelodeon in February 2016 and recently aired season 3 of the show.

Online audition are now being accepted.  Paradise Run season 3 has already been cast, but parents may now submit for Paradise Run future seasons / episodes.

Want to be on Paradise Run? Read on…

The show’s CD’s do have a casting page up through Mystic Art.  While the page does say that this season is a wrap, it still includes a short form to fill out for those that may be interested in applying for future seasons.

Interested? Please checkout the following page for the application and further information to get on the show.


Please note that kids cannot apply on their own.  The show is requesting that kids interested in being on Paradise Run, have their parents or legal guardians apply on their behalf.

Again, kids & teens interested in auditioning for the show need to make sure that they have their parents follow the directions included on the flyer in order to be considered.

64 thoughts on “Kid’s Auditions for Nickelordeon Paradise Run 2019

  1. Molly

    My name is Molly. I am 17 years old and 5’3” tall. Is 17 to old for this show?

  2. Grace

    Hi my name is Grace, and me and my BFF Ella would LOVE to be on the show! We both got straight A’s on our report cards. We also made our own short movie,and we are in the process of making the second in the series. We are both very athletic and flexible. We both love dance and Hawaii. We are planning on moving to Hawaii when were older. We are both 9, I turn 10 in April and Ella turns 10 in May. We would love to audition,and know how to audition. We are up for the challenge!

  3. Tiffani and Angel

    Hi my name is Tiffani. I have a twin sister named Angel. We are both 11 now we play softball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and we are both on a swim team. We would love to be on this show we watch it every day on our beds together thinking, hoping we could have a shot to be on this amazing show. It would build our strength and friendship together and our mom has always wanted to be in Hawaii together. We have never been on a big family trip our mom would be so proud and so would our two big brothers Tony and Nick. My grandma would also be very proud of us. Our classmates who watch would be exited to we are so exited to have a chance to be on this outstanding show. I hope you take this note and think about putting us on this show.

  4. Anahbella Kolach

    My name is Anahbella, I am incredibly smart and so is my brother. I am 12 years old and I am 5 feet and one inch. I am in 7th grade. We are both straight-A students and I have my poem published. I have won a district-wide sprinting race.

    Hello, my name is Silas. I am in 3rd grade. I am Anahbella’s brother I am very athletic and so is my sister. I am 9 years old but I can compete with older kids. I once outran a 6th-grade boy. I am fast, strong, smart and ready for what’s out there!

  5. nunya

    Me and my best friend would love to be on this show! I have watched it since I was 8. I am 10. I am very Athletic and I love to swim. I am not afraid of anything and I can work with almost anyone.

  6. Alex Adu

    I would love to enter my son and his bestie

  7. Shanice walters

    I’ve watched paradise run ever since I was 10 so being at paradise run would be a dream come true for me because all my life I’ve been mistreated. I just really wish I could become a become a cast of paradise run.

    1. Mamiki

      I love to watch paradise run. I would be excited if I’m in it.

    2. Audrey

      My Son That Is Ten Would Love This Game Please Let Me Know When The Next Sign Up Plus His Sister Is 7. She Also Very Smart They Would Both Rock This.

  8. Angelina

    I have always wanted to be in this show. My friend Gracie, she is eleven. I am 11 in 5 days.

  9. Bailey Birkholz

    I would be a dream come true for me and my BFF Amelia Ahrens to be on the show! we have loved watching this show and all the struggles the kids go through. I and Amelia have always wanted to do some sort of thing like this. When I learned you could sign up/ audition we freaked out. We are very strong and we love to be competitive! Please choose me!

  10. Kei'mariyan Butler

    Hi My name is Keimariyan I love the show and I wonder if me and my brother can audition for the show/

  11. Harmony Campbell

    Hi, I’m Harmony and I would like to be entered in this show…. My brother and I enjoy this channel, I am 13, while my brother is 11.

    Thanks for offering this opportunity

  12. David

    Hi I’m David. I can run, I can play all race games. I wish to be picked on Paradise Run.

  13. Tiegan

    Are you allowed to do parodies run if your in England?

  14. Favour Bernard otaba

    Would love to be a contestant of Nickelodeon paradise run

  15. Rakshita

    I would love to be in paradise run but I’m in Canada

  16. Caroline Pannhorst

    My Children, Alex and Laura are huge fans of Paradise Run and would love the opportunity to compete! They are enthusiastic and work well together as a team! Paradise Run is their favorite show and it is a dream of theirs to become a part of it someday!

  17. MaKyia

    Hey and my name is MaKyia! I am very competitive, but in a fun way. I’m also athletic, I’ve played many sports in my life and I love running. One of my favorite shows is Paradise Run! I think if I was to be in the show Paradise Run it would help me in the future. One last thing, I love working with people I don’t know because it helps me learn a lot about them and I love having lots and lots of fun. I inspire, so can I be in the show?

  18. Mireya

    I forgot to mention we are both 12 years old and I’m 4’8 and my friend gabby is 4’5

  19. Mireya

    Hi my name is Mireya and my friend Gabby and I are in love with this show. We have practice and got some of our own equipment to use. We would love to be on Paradise Run.

  20. Sierra

    My name is Sierra. I am 12. I am 5’2 and I absolutely love this show. I am actually watching it now.

  21. Keira McConnell

    I ADORE this show!!! Best show EVER! It would be a dream come true for me and my BFF, Aleyna Dayton, to be on Paradise Run. Literally! I am 11 and I’m tough, hardcore, adventurous, inquisitive, hyper, active, fun-loving, careful, and brave. At least, my friends and family think so. Please please please PLEASE tell me if I can get on the show. Me and Aleyna have been BFF’S as long as I can remember. We might as well be twins! We share the same personalities and can practically read each others minds! We both love animals and couldn’t imagine not hanging out together! She would love to do this just as much as I would. Please, please, please consider letting us be on the show. We would really appreciate it. This show is awesome and Aleyna and I would love to be a part of it. We really want to be on Paradise Run if possible. We are both VERY free.

  22. Javon smith

    My name is Yonaka Smith and my son is 15. He loves this show. He is 5’7 and he doesn’t have any other shows that he was on so this would be great.


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