L.A. Casting Call for Web Series “Around the Way Girls”


Around the Way Girls Web Series

Location: Los Angeles California

Type: Web series

Noir Diamond Films in Conjunction with TGRIFF PRODUCTIONS will hold auditions for an exciting web series titled Around the Way Girls. The Audition will take place on Saturday September 15th from 10am-3pm

Auditions are scheduled. Please email tgriffcasting@yahoo.com for a time.

We are casting for the following roles:

Around the Way Girls Character Descriptions:

Jasmine, Female, age range 30-35, African American, Mixed Race or Latina. Jasmine is a successful Real Estate Agent who sales Multi-Million Dollar houses in Los Angeles. She is Independent, Sarcastic, Career Oriented and Guarded. She is not overly romantic, but when he falls in love, it changes her heart.

Carmen, Female, Age range 30-35 African American. Carmen is a wife and mother of 2 children. She is an entrepreneur. She is a celebrity chef and owns her own catering business. She is currently going through a divorce because she had an affair with NBA Basketball player Dominic while catering a party. She is emotional, Impulsive and Flirtatious. She easily falls in love and does not deal with conflict well.

Eve, Female, Age range 30-35, African American or Mixed Race, must be heavy set or on the thicker side. Must be able to sing. Eve is a talented singer and music teacher at an inner city Los Angeles school. She loves children, however she is unable to have her own. She is the glue that holds the Fab Five together. She is kind loyal, musically talented however very insecure about her weight. She is a dreamer, a protector and loyal friend.

Rochelle, Female, Age Range 27-32 African American, Lawyer who has just quit the firm to open up a restaurant. Very involved in the church. Very judgmental to others who are not. Attracted to powerful men. Has a sense of entitlement. Princess Syndrome. Rochelle has be celibate for over 3 years. Has a strong no Bedding before Wedding Rule; however she shocked everyone when she has an affair with her Pastor at the Mega Church she attends.

Porcha, Female, Age Range 30-35, African American, Must be comfortable playing a Lesbian and having interactions with another Woman. Porcha is a Celebrity Stylist to the Stars. She is also a closet Lesbian dating a Popular Actress Sharice, who is pressuring her to come out about their relationship. Porcha meets singer Frank, who has become her new client. She immediately falls in love with him, which threatens her relationship with Sharice. Porcha is beautiful, Independent, Outspoken, a Free spirit. She is very High Class and very well put together.

Janice, Female, Mother, 55-60, African American. Very domineering mother of Jasmine.

Kyle, Male, Youth Pastor, 35-40, African American, Mixed Race or Latino. Love interest of Jasmine

Terrell, Male, 40-45, African American, Physical Therapist, Husband of Carmen.

David, Male, 55-60, African American ( Must be very Handsome) Pastor of Mega Church.

Sharice, Female, Lesbian Lover of Porcha, Actress, age 25-35 any race.

Mia, Female, 25-30 Asian or mixed race, new fiancee of Terrell.

Carley Female, 25-35 White, Friend of Eve.

How to Obtain Sides. Please look over all roles and character descriptions. Once you have decided on the role you think is best suited for you, email tgriffcasting@yahoo.com with your role choice. Sides will then be emailed to you for the audition. Good Luck

Audition location:


916 N. Formosa Ave

Los Angeles California 90046

September 15th from 10am-3pm

Auditions are scheduled. Please email tgriffcasting@yahoo.com for a time.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles California
Please submit to: tgriffcasting@yahoo.com by 2018-09-14

This casting notice was posted by: Noir Diamond Films

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