MTV Reality Show About The Kardashians Casting Kardashian Super Fans


Love the Kardashians?

MTV wants to hear from Kardashian super fans.

Do you love everything about the Kardashians?

Has their fame and success become your world – so much so that it has deeply affected your personal life? Are there no limits when it comes to replicating their lifestyle? Have you poured money, time, emotions and other resources into your obsession? Do your family and friends just not understand? And are there things about your obsession you have not told them?

If any of the above, sounds like you, then we want to hear your story.

A major production company along with a major cable network are looking for young adults who grew up in the Kardashian craze and have a love for everything they do, say, create and wear. We are looking for young adults whose obsession may be misunderstood and deeper than what their loved ones think. We are particularly looking for young adults who want to address certain things about their life and obsession that they have never had a chance to share before.

What is your story? What do you wish your loved ones knew? What are you trying to attain? How are the Kardashians public personas a part of this journey?

If you have answers to these questions that you want to share, then we want to speak with you. We are looking for people who have bold and dynamic personalities with a unique lifestyle intrinsically tied to the star studded Kardashian lifestyle.

Please submit your story and a current picture to

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