Nationwide Casting For People Who Struggled in Life and Now Are Going After Their Dreams

By | October 11, 2018

Have you been tested in life and are now pursuing your dream?

Location: Nationwide

Type: Other Projects

Have you had an eating disorder, been bullied, felt exposed or struggled otherwise and then managed to get you out of the tough situation? Are you fighting now to achieve your dream or goal?

If you have a background of being tested in life and thinking about reaching your dreams then I would like to capture your story on a shorter video (5-10 minutes) for a YouTube project. It will be published on a forthcoming YouTube channel as well as other social media channels (and official website once launched) amongst other inspiring stories.

The purpose of the project is to highlight all the fighters around us and break the norm of not talking about things we have all been exposed to in life. Who knows – maybe your story will inspire someone else to dare to follow their dreams and fight through their adversity?

You will be self taping your story with your own camera or smartphone.

If you want to participate in a whole new concept and be among the first ones in the spotlight, then don’t hesitate to apply!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
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This casting notice was posted by: Underdogs Collective

One thought on “Nationwide Casting For People Who Struggled in Life and Now Are Going After Their Dreams

  1. Billy Joe Reynolds

    I was on my way to work one morning, March 30th of 2010, when a young girl pulled out of her subdivision neighborhood without seeing me on my motorcycle. She T-boned me and it nearly killed me. I had many broken bones and was bound by wheelchair for the next 8.5 years. I am married. We have a son who was 1yr old at the time. I was told by Doctors I’d probably never walk on my own again. They said I’d probably never be able to work again, and would most likely be on painkillers for the rest of my life. I can walk a mile now with a Handi-cap walker. I have been able to quit one of my main painkillers with hopes of soon being off of them all. I have a new job as an independent Marketing representative for Xooma Worldwide. I also have a talent for writing songs and I’ve a Nashville Music demo recorded before my wreck in 2010. Some say i’m too old now for those kind of dreams. But I believe anything is possible if you refuse to listen to naysayers. And, I believe all things are possible through my God, Jesus Christ. I will soon walk with any assistance at all. And, I will not ever have to take prescription medications for pain ever again. How’m’i doing so far? lol


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