Nationwide Casting Search for The Next Brady Bunch Family


Is your family the next Brady Bunch?

The nationwide search is on for a large blended family, by large, the show is seeking a wife and a husband, each who bring 5 to 10 kids into the blended family totaling 10 or more kids in the house.

They are specifically looking for families that have young children that are in grade school, middle school and / or high school.

If you have a large blended family that needs it’s own reality show, check out the casting notice below for the information about how to apply.

NOW CASTING: for next reality star -large&blended- family! Do you think your blended family deserves a reality show? Tell us why!


3 thoughts on “Nationwide Casting Search for The Next Brady Bunch Family

  1. Roberto Hernandez

    My family would be perfect for this show! They live in a big house mixed with a ton of people. After my mother passed away my brother and his wife moved in with their 6 kids. They took on responsibility of another brother’s 2 children, and that doesn’t include my father and another brother who still lives at home.

  2. Autumn Nelson

    Colby & Autumn Nelson
    18 children Yours Mine & Ours
    9 girls 9 boys
    11 ages 10 & under
    16 still live at home
    Colby had 10 with his 1st wife before she passed away from cancer
    Autumn had 5 children ages 5 and under
    Together we’ve had 3 and are planning on more.
    Autumn is a 32 year old grandma.
    Colby owns a metal scrapyard recycle business where they shred anything from pop cans to cars trains and airplanes.

  3. Carla Sorrell

    Hi I’m Carla and my husband is Johnny. We’ve been married for 3 years. There’s 8 of us. Were a happy go lucky family. We do have our ups and downs though. But at the end of the day we come together. Were funny can be loud. Were a good fit!


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