New Roles Available on NBC’s “Chicago PD” – Paid TV Show Extras

There is a new casting call out for NBC’s police drama “Chicago P.D.” in Chicago IL.

The show is now casting paid background performers to fill various roles in an upcoming episode of the show. Extras cast need to be available for filming in the Chicago area.  Currently, there are a few scenes now casting a few different types.  Please see the casting notices listed below for the role information as well as the submission instructions for talent who fit the criteria. All roles are paid, but please note that the show is ONLY considering talent that is local to the Chicago area.

Chicago P.D.”  a spin-off of NBC’s  “Chicago Fire  TV show and is executive produced by Dick Wolf,  the man behind the popular  Law & Order”   series of TV shows. The police oriented drama follows two fictional units of the Chicago Police Department, a unit of beat cops and an intelligence unit that works on major crimes. The show focuses on Sgt. Hank Voight, a tough cop who heads up an elite team of officers.  Sgt. Hank Voight is the boss  and he doesn’t mind bending some rules to make sure that justice gets served.   Chicago P.D.”  stars  Don Kress,  Andre Bellos and America Olivo.  

There also happens to be a new casting call out for “Chicago P.D.”  sister shows, “,” “”  and the newest Chicago show, “.”

See –  The Chicago casting calls page  for information on how to get cast in those shows.

Featured roles for extras on NBC's Chicago PD in Illinois


Extras casting call:

“PUBLIC DEFENDER” — Seeking HISPANIC/LATINA Female to play a featured lawyer. Must be able to attend a wardrobe fitting on Wednesday afternoon.
Film Date: THURSDAY 12/13
Pay Rate: $96/8 + $25 Fitting Bump

“YOUTH DETECTIVE” — Seeking YOUNG Caucasian MALE, Late 20s to Early 30s, to play featured detective. Must be able to attend a wardrobe fitting on Wednesday afternoon.
Film Date: THURSDAY 12/13
Pay Rate: $96/8 + $25 Fitting Bump

TO SUBMIT: If you live in/around the Chicago area and are interested in filming with us, please submit the following info to with the corresponding role in the subject line:
**ATTACH MULTIPLE RECENT PHOTOS of yourself (NO distractions/filters!)
MEN SIZES: Jacket/T-Shirt/Neck/Sleeve/Waist/Inseam/Shoe Measurements:
VISIBLE TATTOOS: *Please attach a photo of the tattoo(s)
*Describe placement
CAR?: Color/Year/Make/Model *Please describe/attach a photo

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  1. Tamesha Sykes

    I work backround before on Chicago MED
    Age 40
    Weight 180
    Height 5’8

  2. Tamesha Sykes

    Hi my name is Tamesha. I’m interested in keltons krew and Chicago MED. I worked as a background nurse before on Chicago MED.

  3. RaJestaney

    Interested in all roles available. Race: African American and Salvadoran, ethnicity is African American. Located a couple hours from Chicago with no problem to stay in the area for shoot days.
    AGENCY: Helen Wells Agency
    AGE: 22 – HEIGHT: 5’0” – WEIGHT: 105 lbs – DRESS/T-SHIRT: Small BUST: 31 WAIST: 26 HIP: 35 SHOE: 5.5 – TATTOOS: NONE.

  4. Doris Cundiff

    I am an uglyish old chubby woman. Any extra parts for me? 5’4 220 lb. blond/hazel. Wrinklier by the hour. Granddaughter did extra on Chicago med a few times. She says ya never know what you guys could occasionally need. I was a (real) pediatric nurse but retired last September. Need some occasional extra cash. Cooperative. Willing. I hear the food’s great!

  5. Lisa novak

    I’m curious…. why does it matter if we live in Chicago? I live in Pittsburgh and am more than willing to drive or fly in.

    1. erica

      Mainly because this is for extras work which is usually short notice. Notice too short to fly or drive from another location. It is quite common for casting directors to call people the night before for a 6AM call time the next morning or even call at 7AM for a call time at noon that day. Often times, especially in outdoor shoots, what gets shot tomorrow depends on how far they got today and no one knows how far they will get today until they do it. For that reason, and others, extras are always cast locally as they need people who can get to the set within a few hours if need be. Also, productions depend on extras actually being there. The farther someone has to travel, the more chance there is that they will not be able to get there on time. It is not reasonable to expect someone living hours away to just drop everything, hop in their car and race to set hoping they don’t hit a traffic jam along the way, or, airport delays, bad weather, etc. if flying in. Being late is not an option, Crews are waiting, equipment is rented, streets may be closed for specific times. Productions simply cannot rely on people coming from too far away to be on set, as needed, on short notice. There is also the issue of this being a minimum wage gig. Why would anyone be expected to pay $100 in gas or a few hundred in airfare just to make $70 bucks for the day and maybe not even have a role that will actually be seen in the final movie (large crowd scenes, cars driving by, pedestrians on the street, etc.)

    2. L.E.

      For the main reason, if they need you immediately, you, would never make it on time, so you won’t get the job. Most casting calls are state specific. They have them listed in your state, also.

  6. Miguel Mendez

    Interested in a role. I’m 6ft tall. Latino, born in Hoboken New Jersey. I grew up in Jersey City. Took acting classes when I was in Grammar School and in a small acting company in the city. Did some plays. Always wanted to pursue a career in acting but never had the chance. But I know I have what it takes to act. I’m 49 yrs old.

  7. carol whitaker


  8. Stephen Hansen

    I have medical, nursing and Navy Corpsman experience. I know military ranks and definitions,same with medical.

  9. thomas alexander

    I am 22 years old. My best character types are distant, cold calculated characters and passionate loving characters. I can play the extremely deranged criminals and I can mimic Psychological disorders well enough to get a diagnosis [though I wouldn’t want one]. I spent 11 years in juvenile detention for 8 different commitments [kicking cops and violating probation in order to escape abusive family. I loved juvi it was the best home I had and I fought to stay there.]

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