SF Bay Area Actor Auditions for Stanford University Video Series

Stanford University educational video series

Location: SF Bay Area

Type: Educational

We are casting for a short Stanford University educational video series that will help pair college students with native Spanish speakers. We will provide a small day rate plus food.

Scenario 1
Julia: Latina, around 30 years old, pretty. Dressed simply, no makeup. Gives the impression of being a bit shy and insecure, dark-skinned, looks more like the “typical” working class mexican immigrant. Speaks Spanish like a native, has heavy accent on her English,

Secretary: English speaking only, white, preferably blond, age doesn’t matter

Adriana (coach): A college age female student who speaks very flawed Spanish, but is trying hard to communicate. (Actress should be able to exaggerate the flawed Spanish a bit) Coach is friendly and outgoing and is excited to be a language coach.

Scenario 2
Jaime: Mid-40s, Latino, wearing jeans and T-shirt or flannel, needs to look like he works outside, not in an office

Boss: Female, mid-30s to mid-40s, white actor preferred, professionally dressed, looks like she’s in charge. She is nice, but has high expectations of her workers.

Jaime’s coach: Female, Age 20-25, African-American preferred. Flawed Spanish. Friendly, outgoing, and excited to be a coach.

Scenario 3
Edgar: Latino, Age 22-25 – Heavily accented English, fluent Spanish speaker

Nelson (edgars coach): Male, Age 20-25, Indian or East Asian. Also has very bad Spanish but is willing to try.

We are planning Skype/Facetime auditions the week of September 17th, for a shoot the weekend of 9/28 — likely on or near the Stanford Campus. If you would like to hear more information or are interested in scheduling an audition, please email Corinne at co.colgan@gmail.com with a head shot and an indication of which roles you’d like to audition for.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: SF Bay Area
Please submit to: patticonstan@gmail.com by 2018-09-16

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