Speaking, Main Female Role in NYC Area Short Film


Main Lead for Short Film-Limerence

Location: New York

Type: Film

Carla has everything. She comes from a good family, has a great job, and lives in a fabulous penthouse. But something’s not quite right with Carla. There is still something that she wants, and when she finds out someone else has it, she goes over the edge.


TeleKas Productions LLC is a startup independent film production company based in New York. We are in search of ambitious and talented people who want to tell quality stories, but also stories that entertain and are profitable. We are looking for team-oriented individuals who like hard work and are eager to prove themselves.

The founders of TeleKas are not industry insiders. They come from vastly different fields, but have a passion for the craft of storytelling. They are excited to tackle the challenge and compete in the film industry.

The Project:

TeleKas is producing its first short film, Limerence, this winter. The aim is to run the festival circuit in 2019 and attract investors for larger projects – one of which would be the feature length version of Limerence.

For the short film version of Limerence, there will be opportunities for two (2) female roles:

Carla: late 20’s, successful daughter of a politician. Unstable, with a dark personality and an unsettling, possibly dangerous edge, but she hides it well. Very intelligent and well bred, but lives on the razor’s edge (in reality and metaphorically). NOTE: Carla is a brunette.
Amanda: early 20’s, bubbly personality. A native New Yorker and internet personality whose career is beginning to take off. An eternal optimist, bordering on naivety. NOTE: in the short film, Amanda is a voice over role.

Important disclaimer:

This is a non-union, ‘micro-budget,’ production.

If you are interested in auditioning, send your resume and headshot to TeleKasproduction@gmail.com. Make sure to indicate which role you are interested in.

We look forward to hearing from you!

TeleKas Productions LLC
Mt. Vernon, NY

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: New York
Please submit to: telekasproduction@gmail.com

This casting notice was posted by: TeleKas Productions LLC

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