Immediate Need for Spokesperson in Honolulu Real Estate Video Filming This Weekend


Seeking Asian or Caucasian Male in Honolulu


MALE OR FEMALE: cis- or transgendered welcome, all races welcome, apparent age is EITHER a child 5-9 years old -OR- an adult 25-65 years. Adults must have good dentition (preference for good alignment, undamaged, non-discolored visible teeth), children should have nice teeth but it’s ok if they clearly need braces eventually. Appearance: moderately conservative with no visible tattoos of the face, neck, or hands. Children must have adult like grasp of language, but typical mispronunciations are fine (spaghetti = pusketti, breakfast = brefix, etc.)

Real estate brokerage looking to cast a non-union, 3-4 minute long, real estate property tour video to be shot in the Kahala area of Honolulu. Filming to occur over two or three (8- to 10-hour) sunny days between June 9-15, 2019 (alternatively, June 16-22 if weather or casting require). Talent will be paid $20/hr + 10% agency fee, if any. Talent will be fed meals determined by call and release schedule, and receive a digital copy of final video for use in self-promotion (digital format negotiable.) We do want to pay but it’s real estate and that means a shoestring budget. ONGOING CASTING BEGINS IMMEDIATELY. THIS NOTICE WILL BE TAKEN DOWN WHEN THE ROLE IS FILLED.

ROLE: The Host

Seeking actor to play the role of THE HOST. No experience as a host required or even sought. Seeking actor to play a scripted character. Bonus points for: facility with language, ability to change intention quickly & completely, well-tuned comic timing, and the ability to connect intimately to your listener thru the camera’s lens. The character is hard-wired to be an optimist that approaches the world with humanitarian enthusiasm. S/he is not world-weary, coy, nor a dreamer. S/he considers people precious, not things. S/he would say, “Reverence is a pretense,” and s/he is not pretentious. Nor is s/he disrespectful and, though s/he doesn’t hold non-living things “dear to heart,” s/he has a good grasp of their true value and respect for expense.

Host must read as grounded, informed, engaged, well-spoken, and MOST of all likable/relatable/believable/authentic (and therefore trustworthy). You will be our best friend touring us through the specifics of a $5.9M house for sale on Kahala Ave.

If interested and available, TEXT the following:
1. A selfie taken today (no need to be fabulous),
2. Your preferred style of communication (call/text/email)
3. Your name & email address
4. (Please add your cell number if you are not texting the above from that number)


Now closed

You will be contacted to schedule your audition. The audition will take place in the home for sale and you will be provided the address and sides at the time of scheduling.
Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Honolulu, Hawaii
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