Actresses for Real Estate Video Shoot in Toronto Canada


Real Estate Case Studies – Female roles

Location: Toronto, ON

Type: Other Projects


Please note that this casting notice only lists the female roles. For male roles, please see Casting in Toronto Ontario for Multiple Paid Roles in Real Estate Video

$200 /day 1 Shoot day per role between August 20th – August 28th (tentatively).

We are shooting fifteen (15) new Case Studies as learning tools for Real Estate Sales Representatives.
Below is a list of the FEMALE ACTORS needed for this round by age. Craft is provided on set. Must have own transportation. Filming and auditions are within the GTA. Talent must act professionally. Please e-mail with a headshot and resume and the SUBJECT LINE featuring the role(s) you are interested in.

Magar’s Aunt has recently died and she has inherited a chunk of money from her. Magar is thoughtful and slow to react. She is annoyed by her husbands assumptions and that he seemingly doesn’t understand or listen to her qualms. Magar believes the inheritance was meant for her and therefore so was the decision of what to do with it. She has already made a decision.

Chantal is Raleigh’s Partner, both personally and professionally. She’s excited to expand their business, which has been doing well. She’s always prepared and the more cautious and detail oriented of the two. Chantal knows exactly what they want out of their new business and how it should work.

Owner of the Brokerage
Yelena is a middle aged owner of the brokerage firm that Otto is soon retiring from. She’s feeling the pinch as all of her efforts to replace him have failed due mostly to circumstantial events. Panic is starting to set in, as her firm is on the line without a clear replacement lined up.

Accounts Manager
Jana is a young and inexperienced hire trying to keep up at her first job. It’s a lot of information to take in and Jana is getting a little lost. She’s worried that she keeps making mistakes, but her lack of experience means she doesn’t know why or how to fix them.

Head of Accounts
Simone is an older veteran of the firm. She is a confident, professional who is well versed in her job. Simone is trying to help Jana adjust to her new responsibilities but keeps finding mistakes. Simone, as the more experienced employee knows she’s ultimately responsible for fixing all the problems that arise and keep her cool in the process.

Real Estate Agent
30-50 years old
Professional Business Like
Aleen is a female real estate agent agent, who’s professional and business like. Aleen believes in Carlyle’s business, and that he can get what he wants from the sale. Despite his lack of cooperation and seemingly difficult persona, she knows Carlyle coming from a place of caring about his family business. Aleen wants him to be totally satisfied with the sale.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Toronto, ON
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