Auditions for Role in Short Movie “Frontier” in Phoenix, AZ



Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Type: Film

Casting One role for “Frontier”, a student-led Neo-Western short film

In the year 2050, a woman named Rei is the last person left to work at a fully autonomous port and energy collection facility located in a sparsely inhabited portion of the Arizona desert she once called home. They struggle to come to terms with their new reality and unfulfilling job, when one day they are tasked with tracking down and fixing a bot. As they wander through the vast facility, they face the hazards of bespoke autonomous machines programmed to operate in an environment without people, while also discovering the beauty and efficiency of the ecosystem they have become melded to.

Rei is strong and independent, a modern day cowgirl. Arc contains elements of fear, wonder, and ultimately acceptance of a new world.

20 to 40 years old, Hispanic, Mixed Ethnicity, or Native American Indian female. Very little dialogue, but should have a strong and expressive face.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Phoenix, Arizona
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