Auditions in Atlanta for Short Horror Film

By | September 17, 2019

Casting for Horror Film.

Location: Atlanta, Ga

Type: Film

Casting “The Cult App” (working title), a horror short film.

Synopsis: A mysterious app is appearing on people’s phones and it cannot be deleted. This app, once view or clicked on, converts the user to a completely different person (usually the best side of them). This group of converted users come together to form a cult that tries to expand its reach but kills anyone that can not be converted. This film follows a group of friends that have to deal with this cult.

The Characters:

Phoenix – Early 20 to mid 20s Female – She is an average woman in her 20s. She is brave and willing to do anything to help her friends. Once she figures out what is going on with this cult, her friends want to run away but she wants to stay so she can rescue Skylar.

Skylar – 20s, Female – A former party girl that has been converted to this new cult to help improve her life. She becomes very devoted to the cult and is willing to kill anyone who tries to stop the spread of it.

Alexandra – 20s to Early 30s, Female – A devoted member of this cult, She has spent the better part of the year trying to convert righteous people to it. She is physically intimidating. (Looking for a female that is very muscular or tall, At least 5’9)

Erin – Early 20s to mid 20s, Female – One of Skylar’s party buddies. She is very strong willed and the hardest person to convert to this new cult

Hayden –Early 20s to mid 20s, Male or Female – The designated driver among the character’s friends. Usually finds a way to get out of trouble before things get to bad.

Bailey – 19 -22, Female – An exotic dancer that is doing this line of work to pay for her college tuition. She is an easy target for the cult and is eventually convert to help pay for her college.

If you’re interested in submitting for one of these roles please send your information, (headshot, full body shot, resume and reel if you have one) to

Please use the subject line “Capp(Role)”

Emails without this subject line will be ignored.

Filming will take place in September and Early October, In Atlanta GA

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, Ga
Please submit to: by 2019-10-05

This casting notice was posted by: Drake C, Casting Director

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