Auditions in Berlin, Germany for Short Student Film “Near Miss”

By | December 9, 2019

Near Miss

Location: SAE Institute in Berlin, Germany

Type: Film


SAE Institute Short Film
Graduate Film

Director & Writer: James Alquist
Producers: James Alquist & Franjo Z. Tomi?i?

Casting Date: December 14th (If unavailable and interested please send an email to potentially reschedule an audition)
Casting Location: SAE Institute, Cuvrystraße 4, 10997 Berlin
Filming Dates: January 17th – 19th
Lead Rates: 100 EUR per day, local transportation tickets will be refunded
Supporting Rates: 50 EUR per day

LOG-LINE: Homeless with a gambling addiction, Steve struggles to refuse money from ordinary people. He collides with a young lady named Jennifer who attempts to befriend him after he returns her money purse. When she attempts to understand his situation, a flurry of repressed emotions surface which neither person will be the same.


STEVE: German & English
(Early 30’s) A Homeless man who lost everything he had through his addiction of gambling. Winning wasn’t his issue, almost winning was his problem. The thrill of almost getting a big hit is what drove him into the streets. With nothing left, he now avoids asking people on the street for money and survives solely from local charity organizations.

JENNIFER: English Only
(Mid 20’s) A former heroin addict gone clean. Jennifer lives by herself but, she lives a normal life as a bartender. She goes to group meetings every week and just recently got here 5-year chip for being clean. She understands what addiction is like and knows how battle the urges.

UWE: German Only
(Early 40’s) Another homeless person with a heroin addiction but, makes no attempts to relapse. He enjoys the high he gets from sticking the needle in his arm but, also provokes other homeless people to pursue their own addictions. Uwe remains on the street and begging passerby’s for money to get his heroine fix.

Please contact the following email with a photo and CV (resume):

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: SAE Institute in Berlin
Please submit to:

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