Auditions in Dallas for Student Film Project


Download to Clique

Location: Dallas, Texas

Type: Student Films

DOWNLOAD TO CLIQUE – Southern Methodist University Student Film, Non-Union

Director: Sydney Cowand

Audition Date: September 29
Audition Location: Umphrey Lee Basement
Shooting: Mid-Late October

Female. 18-22 years old. Any ethnicity. Chloe is a popular girl whose phone is always full of messages she hardly checks. She loves being around people and having genuine experiences with them. She fears being lonely and isolated as she has always had people in her life.

Female. 18-22 years old. Any ethnicity. Brooke is a social media expert who is always on top of the newest technology trends. She is enthusiastic and enjoys being at the center of attention. When a new social media app gets introduced, she is the first who gets taken over and turned into a social media zombie.

Female. 18-22 years old. Any ethnicity. Justin is a follower. He will quickly change his opinion to what is popular. He is well-liked and funny but he still needs approval. He gives into peer pressure, easily. When his friend, Brooke, tells him to download a new social media app, he does it with almost no hesitation after mentioning that he doesn’t really use social media. He quickly becomes addicted.

In their 30s. Any gender, any ethnicity.

In their 30s. Any gender, any ethnicity.

Story line: In a society where technology and social media rule, Chloe has to fight to keep herself and her friends from becoming zombies to a new social media app.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Dallas, Texas
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