Casting Call for Web Series in South Florida

The Felony Lane Gang Checkboi Chronicles

Location: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach

Type: Web series

Biracial—Mom black Dad white but looks 100% Caucasian
Age 19
Youngest child of 3
Able to switch cultures quickly. Had a rap sheet since age 10
Roguish, psychotic, hood, quick to blow, straight stupid no time to think
Slim to medium build
Blonde hair blue eyes

Mom left him with paternal grandma& Dad murdered (same dad as Glory)
Age 24
Middle child of 3
Leader of the FLG~ Checkbois, ex football player. works for the Seminole Indian tribe as poker chip courier (counterfeit) Very few arrest. Psychopath Very quiet and mild mannered. Very observant. Listens well
Muscular build, tall
Brush cut clean neat

Mom deceased Dad murdered in front of her
(African American)
Age 24
Oldest child of 3 (7 months older than Tjohnnie)
Retired exotic dancer, owner of escort website (SLUT SERVICES INC) No arrests. Pleasant attitude only ghetto when it’s pulled from her, mild mannered
Petite frame, small waist, figure eight shape, medium brown skin. Protector mentality

Mom living Dad deceased killed by cops
(African American)
Age 19
Baby child of 2 has older sister
Streetish, out the house at age 9, first body age 13, live and die street life, blood and torture mentality, locksmith by trade
brush cut gold teeth, smooth criminal

Mom (African American) in prison, Dad (Chinese) lives in hometown of Chicago owns string of Chinese restaurants
Bi racial looks more Chinese than African American
Age 20
3rd child of 7
part time student full time whore
has active profile on SLUT SERVICES Website
Pleasant attitude, slick and cunning, temperate, obsessed with the high life
Has “DOG EAT DOG WORLD” mentality

Mom and Dad very wealthy
(African American) (dark skin)
Age 20
No siblings
Graduated from college at 17, proper speaking, head case worker at Building Bridges, modest background, very giving, very naive to the hood and street life. Happy go lucky. Can live extravagantly but prefers Target over Saks

Age 19
(African American)
Parents murdered during a violent home invasion. Mother hid Doonk under the bathroom sink he was 5 years old
5 siblings 2 killed in home invasion along with parents
Full time thief, killer, dope boy
Straight savage, no mercy, kills on site, beast mode. Soldier in the FLG. Street savvy

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach
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