Casting Single Survivalists for New Survival Show

By | October 21, 2019


Location: Nationwide

From the creators of “Alone” comes a new survival television show and they are currently casting for single survivalists.

Are you single and preparing for a survival scenario?

Are you also interested in natural disaster preparedness, SHTF scenarios, bug out bags, stock piling things, tactical skills training, living off the grid or self reliance skills?

Are you a survivalist, prepper, homesteader, bushcrafter, off-the-gridder or a self relience enthusiast looking for some companionship?

If so, read on because TV producers may want to hear all about you.

See below for the details on how to apply for the show.

Type: Docu-series

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Pamela Vallarelli


3 thoughts on “Casting Single Survivalists for New Survival Show

  1. Marc

    My name is Marc, I’m 37 and its actually my birthday today. I might be getting on but I’m fitter than most young people I’m around. I’ve trained all my life in martial arts, sports, survival, I exercise lots, I have always been big on nature and how to survive but there is a lot more and always more to learn. I’m from sunny England. I’m a father of 4 children and due to be married soon, however all my children and fiancé would love to see me do something like this and so would I. They encourage me to be the best I am at all times and I’m very insistent and prove as much as I can that you can do anything you can put your mind too, I like to lead by example but can also be a lone wolf if it needs be. I’m very adaptable, think on my feet and willing to do what needs to be done at all time. I like to help where I can. I’ve worked in the construction business most of my life, however I have for the last 10 years worked in residential care with vulnerable young people which could be a nice bit of inspiration for all the children I have ever worked with for them to see me on the show as again I try to help them to see that life is what you make it and no matter what bad things have happened you can always achieve more. I keep my fingers crossed and look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Richard Smith

    I am a West Virginia country boy raised in the WV mountains. I have hunted, trapped, ginsenged, fished, hiked and camped these mountains all my life. I have walked and endured a lot more than any other man can take. I am 50 years old but I don’t look it and that has not slowed me down. I am in the best shape of my life and I am single. I raised two daughters on my own and now I have a sin and a daughter I am raising on my own which are teenagers now. I have drug bear and deer out of the woods for miles through snow, gravel and water. Up mountains and down rock ledges and put up with the elements of mother nature and WV can dish out. Not an easy task sometimes but I’m not the type that gives up.

  3. Caleb Dixon Glisson

    This looks like something I could absolutely do. My name’s Caleb and I’m 24. I’m a former Infantryman with the U.S. Army. I love the outdoors and survival scenarios are my jam!


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