Game Show “25 Words or Less” Now Casting and You Can Win 10k

A new FOX game show is now casting contestants.

The show, 25 Words or Less, will be hosted by Meredith Viera and casting directors for the show are looking for people in the Los Angeles / SoCal area that would like to play the game.

Meredith Vieira is known for her appearances on the popular talk show The View and used to host the game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.  Viera hosted Millionaire from 2002 to 2013 which was also hosted by Regis Philbin.

The show is looking for clever people with fun personalities. Do you like catchphrase, Heads Up or Taboo? If you do there is a good chance that you will love “25 Words or Less” – A new FOX game show where every word will count.

The casting call is only looking for folks in the Southern California area.

Now Casting – The New Game Show “25 Words or Less”

Win up to $10,000, that’s righ, those who get cast for the game show will have a chance to play for $10k.

“25 Words or Less,” the new FOX game show hosted by Meredith Vieira, is currently seeking contestants in the Southern California area!

“25 Words or Less” is an exciting word game similar to taboo, catchphrase, and password. On “25 Words or Less” you will be paired with two celebrities while you are competing for your chance at $10,000.


See below for the details on how to get on the show.


If this sounds like a game you would want to play,  the show has set up an online audition form that potential contestants may fill out in order to be considered for 25 Words or Less.

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  1. Mia Kiefer

    For a more challenging game, why not give the winner of each round extra points for each word they don’t use? For example, if they say they can do it in 18 words, but are successful in getting their team to get them all using only 12 words, give them 100 extra points for each of the remaining 6 words. That would give each person a better chance at being competitive. Just a thought. Love the show.

  2. Mare Tayllor

    I’ll come to lA. I have relatives there.

  3. Hoping to become a contestant

    Why only players from Southern California? Why not New York? Meredith has worked in NYC before. Please consider coming here, perhaps in December to do 25 Words or Less Holiday Shows.

    1. Mary Glicksman

      Love this show, watch it every night. Would love to be a contestant but I’m in New York. Would love to try out if you are thinking of a New York visit. Also love Meredith, she’s such a warm, sweet, lovely lady who does a great job.

      Hoping that maybe you will visit & tape in N.Y. I’m sure you’ll have a big audience here. Would love to join in on the fun & games!

  4. Christina MacKinnon

    I really like the concept of this game – a little 100K pyramid, a little name that tune, a little password – and best of all – its got MEREDITH!!!! Nonetheless, you need to add background music and better lighting to add some pizzazz, and Meredith needs a better wardrobe, perhaps some color… I look forward to this show becoming a hit. Most afternoon shows suck (except Ellen, and Andrea Mitchell, maybe????) Glad to see this new entertainment option.

    Secondarily. If you want to be serious about this show being taken seriously, you need to go national for contestants, as well as increase the prize winning potential. As I do not live in California, I cannot apply, and having been a contestant on a game show before, I do not know that the winnings potential would be worth it, even if you were looking for contestants across the country. There is a fair bit involved in being a successful contestant, especially when one needs to travel any distance, and take on the cost of travel and accommodations, in addition to challenging yourself to get good at the game, which takes a lot of time.
    That being said, better contestants excite the audience, and, therefore, expand word of mouth about the show. Some better celebrities would probably not hurt, it having celebrities that play the game well is a definite plus – think Betty White one Password – Rosie O’Donnell on 100K Pyramid. Not huge stars, but better known, and really good players of the game.

    My last comment is to Meredith – when you have MORE than 2 choices, you must choose AMONG the options, not BETWEEN the options – She should know this being the wonderful journalist that she is!!! In the contestants only round, when they are choosing their words for the final teams competition, they are choosing among the 3 word options offered.

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