Magician Auditions for Penn & Teller Fool US 2019


Penn & Tellers reality show “Fool Us” is holding auditions for the 2019 season.

The show challenges magicians to do exactly what the title implies, fool them.

In the show, famous magicians, Penn & Teller hang out in the audience while watching aspiring magicians perform their acts. The up and comers are determined to impress the veterans of magic and are challenged to perform a trick that stumps Penn & Teller.

Penn & Teller are then challenged to duplicate the trick, which may be a simple card trick or a complicated illusion. The magician which stumps the Las Vegas legends, will get to go to Las Vegas and appear live on stage as the opening act to Penn & Tellers own Las Vegas show at the Rio.

The show is hosted by Actress Alyson Hannigan and airs on the CW Network.

Attention Magicians Around the World, Penn & Teller: Fool Us is now casting for 2019.
– Submission Deadline Extended Until January 15, 2019! Email:


Check out a clip from the show:

One thought on “Magician Auditions for Penn & Teller Fool US 2019

  1. Duane Wescott

    In Penn and Teller season 6 episode 4. Penn and Teller shows us a magic trick on how to guess a card using code. The last code they showed they said see if you can crack it. I believe the position of Teller’s hands were showing the suit, and how he was seated gave the value. His legs were pointed in a 10 o’clock position. Thus giving us the 10 of diamonds. If his hands were in a different position would give another suit, or if he pointed his knees or legs in a different way would give a different value.


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