Nationwide Search for Latin American Personalities for New TV Show Project


Casting call for fun, out-going, BIG multicultural characters for an upscale, life-style focused US cable project in development built around Latin American families/family businesses.


The Brazilian-American Lisa Vanderpump running a sprawling business empire

The Colombian Kardashians (family soap opera) OR The Cuban Chrisleys (family sitcom)

The South American Chip and Joanna Gaines (successful, bonafide, customer-facing lifestyle business – could be married couple, friends, business partners)

The Latin Wine Country, Girls Trip or Book Club (tight knit group of friends)

Big characters make for great storytelling! Looking for Glamorous, Fun, Authentic, Outgoing and Unfiltered + must live in the same city (FaceTime calls don’t make for good television)

Series will shoot in English.

This is a National Search. Feel free to share!

Please email with the following information:

· Full name

· Phone number and email address

· Location

· Recent photo or headshot

· Resume or bio

· Links to website and social media

· Description of you, your family and/or business

* Please do NOT include any personal or sensitive information in your email (e.g., address, date of birth, driver’s license number, social security number, financial information, etc.).


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