Open Auditions in Albuquerque, NM for “Derelict”


Derelict – Open Casting Call for Narrative Podcast

Location: Albuquerque

Type: Web series

Production Title: Derelict

Production Company: Night Rocket Productions

Description: This will be a ten episode narrative podcast series (audio only) about a spaceship crew exploring and trying to survive a derelict ship. More info here:

The producers are going to make the first episode with their own budget, and then crowdfund the remaining nine episodes. The first episode will be unpaid, with the understanding that once funding is achieved, actors will be paid a back pay for the first episode and ongoing episodes their characters are a part of. Pay (once the project is funded) will be a percentage share of profits (to be determined) and an hourly rate for recording. This will be a SAG-AFTRA production, with a SAG approved deferred payment contract.

Open Casting will be done via online voice submissions (instructions are here: Phase Two casting will be done in person.

Director: J. Barton Mitchell

Producer: J. Barton Mitchell, Kirsten Rundberg

Genre: Science-Fiction Horror

Roles: The following parts are available for audition in DERELICT, season one.

RAYNOR (Female, mid-30’s, lead role)

Mechanical Engineer. Jaded, and dealing with personal guilt. She’s been through the ringer…and come out the other side. But not the same. Low key, no nonsense personality.

FREED (Female, late 20’s, early 30’s)

Digital Systems Engineer. High energy and sarcastic. She’s done things she should regret, but doesn’t. Witty and too smart for her own good.

CHAMBERS (Male, mid to late 40’s)

Corporate Project Manager. Intellectual, business oriented personality. Speaks clearly and to the point, but it always feels like he’s not telling you everything.

BLAYNE (Male, late 30’s, early 40’s)

Corporate Security Agent. Tough, confident, combat veteran. Former military, he’s seen many things he wishes he hadn’t, and lives with them. No nonsense personality.

STEVENS (Male, late 20’s, early 30’s)

Xytrilium (think Nuclear) Engineer. Sarcastic, fairly witty. Most people consider him a jerk, because it’s clear he’s only out for himself. Backs it up with a high level intellect.

Recording Date: Summer of 2019
Recording Location: Santa Fe, NM

Location of Casting Call: You will be asked to record a voice sample and submit electronically. Review this page ( for audition materials and instructions.

Contact Name: J. Barton Mitchell
Contact information:

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Albuquerque
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: J. Barton Mitchell, Night Rocket Productions

One thought on “Open Auditions in Albuquerque, NM for “Derelict”

  1. Ty McCready

    Hi, I was looking for some voice over jobs when I came across your project. It sounds really interesting and I would like a chance to audition if that’s possible. I can give you my email or some other form of communication. I have been voice acting for about a year now but I am able to voice almost any accent. I can leave you a link to my YouTube channel. That’s where most of my work is. Hope to hear back from you soon, Thanks.


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