SciFi Indie Thriller Movie “Forever Gardens” Casting Speaking Roles in the ATL


Forever Gardens

Location: Atlanta,GA

Type: Film

New Media SAG

SciFi Thriller Forever Gardens is a tale of care and reconciliation among a unique family with a history of special powers and secrets dating back over a thousand years.

Actors and actresses auditioning for these roles must be in good physical health. You must also have very strong acting skills. All SPEAKING roles are paid. Non Speaking roles are NOT PAID *Some roles require lots of physical action* There is NO NUDITY

African American Female – Small frame, mild mannered highly intelligent. She is the victim of nursing home abuse and battling cancer. She has the inherited power to change her situation, but struggles with whether to do so.

African American or Biracial Male – Child-like mannerism and struggles to get out of the state of being he is in. He remains in solitary confinement because of his past inappropriate actions with children. He has the inherited power to change his state of being, but is forced to remain as he is. (Most lines consist of screaming)

Caucasian Male – The young, splitting image of what Lucent is trying to become. (No lines, mostly consist of screaming)

African American Female – Small to medium build. A nurse in the resident/facility who is very abusive to the patients. She has a split personality, and can turn from evil to elegant in a split second. She has been specifically assigned to care for Lark for a reason…

Open Ethnicity Male – Large build. A nurse in the resident/facility who is very abusive to the patients. He has been specifically assigned to care for Lucent. *This is a very physically demanding role. Please only audition if you are physically capable of coreographed fighting and falling* (3 lines)

Caucasian Female – She is the main caregiver of her elderly father, but is no longer able to care for him, so she is sending him to the nursing home facility. While she is completly sane and in her right mind, she is on medication and sometimes thinks she halucinates.

Caucasian Male – Laura’s brother. He is laid back and is also touring the nursing home facility with his sister. He pretty much just goes along with what his sister wants to do for the sake of peace. (3 lines)

Ethnically Ambiguous Female – (Some action is required, so this actress needs to be in good physical shape) A patient in the nursing home. She is gravely ill and in need of oxygen. She is taunted by a nurse, but uses her inherited powers to overpower her abuser. (2 lines)

YOUNG NURSE early 30s – 40s FEATURED
Open Ethnicity Female A close up is shown of her dead and bloody body on the floor. Then she is shown alive.

YOUNG NURSE early 30s – 40s FEATURED
Open Ethnicity Male – Featured Is seen morphing back and forth from young to old

Male and Female of various ethnicities. Featured extras are shown doing various activities in a nursing home.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta,GA
Please submit to: by 2019-02-28

This casting notice was posted by: EDEWEMESEY

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