Theater Auditions in Birmingham Alabama

By | August 31, 2019

The Boy In The Yellowshirt: a tragic compilation of extreme personalities.

Location: Birmingham, Al

Type: Theater

Audition Deadline: October 2nd with filming sometime in October.

“BWTY” is a film about a young gangster, who commits an ambitious crime. (which results in his death)

The death is followed by a mosaic styled narrative exploring other characters in his world and their personalities.


[Jackie Yellow][Gender:Male][Age: 18-28]

Is a young gangster. Is tired of petty crimes. Seeks his claim to fame/ street cred. Gets killed


[Tony French][Gender: Male][Age:30-40]

Is head of a crime family. Is character that sets narrative in motion.


[Man #2] [Gender: Male][Age:16+ open]


[Paul][Gender: Male][Age 28+]

An outspoken extremist radio host. Huge ego/Huge conspiracies


[UPS Man][Gender: Male][Age 18-30]

Delivers package. Love Interest of Lisa.


[Lisa][Gender: Female][Age: Open]

Paul’s assistant/ Intern. The most grounded and reasonable character in a narrative of crazies.


[Caller 1][Gender:Open][Age: Open]

Calls into Paul’s show with some factual concerns.


[Harvey Updyke][Gender:Male][Age:Open]

Calls into Paul’s show to talk about college football and admit to a crime.


[The Artist][Gender: Male][Age:16-28]

Is too cool for everyone. Starts but never finishes many things.


[Artist Friend][Gender: Open][Age:16-28]

Worried friend of artist.


[Art Gallery Ladies x2][Gender:Female x2][Age:Open x2]

Greet visitors entering art gallery


[Killers x2][Gender: Male x2][Age:14-24]

Guys who kill Jackie

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Birmingham, Al
Please submit to: theboyintheyellowshirt@gmail.con by 2019-10-31

This casting notice was posted by: JonJonWest, Indie Director

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