Theater Auditions in Brooklyn, NY


Date: Saturday May 18th, 2019, 10am-8pm.

Location: Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.

Pay: Unpaid

Workshop Information:

The aim of this workshop is to support an emerging playwright in the development of new work by offering space, time and a room of collaborators. This workshop is operating on a volunteer-basis, with actors and directors donating their time to work with the playwright on developing their piece.

Play Synopsis:

Hyo-Sonn and Richie are siblings without parents. As the two grow up, they help one another through their positions as social outsiders, and are each other’s only family. Meanwhile, in a parallel world, Bear is turned by Hwanung, a gay Korean god, into a human woman. He is coerced into being Hwanung’s pregnant beard, and has Hwanung’s child. Richie and Silver go to Korea to help their father run a bear bile farm. Silver asks Richie to leave, but Richie expresses his desire to know his father, and prioritizes this relationship over that with his sister. In the godly world, the humans revolt and Hwanung abandons Bear. Bear is sent by the Moon to Earth, but loses her child – until Bear finds Silver. Bear reveals to Silver their mythological lineage, and Silver chooses to create their own world using the power of stories.

Roles Available:

We are looking to cast Korean or Korean-American actors for these roles, or any East Asian actor who has a respectful understanding and approach to playing Korean characters.

FATHER – Richie and Silver’s father. In his 40s. Heavily tattooed and has done prison time for robbing a bank. Traditional Korean. Does not need to have tattoos.

MOON – Ageless and luminescent. Has a reputation to uphold for being crotchety and rude. Preference given to actors that are feminine of center.

How to Submit:

Please send H/R to ASAP, with “MOON BEAR Casting – Title of Role” as the subject line. Please also include any website or acting reel links.

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