Video Auditions for Game Show Host and Game Master in Pittsburgh, PA – “Game Time”

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is holding video auditions for a new game show, called Game Time.

The new game show is holding video auditions / online auditions for 2 roles that need to be filled, the host and the game master.  The 2 roles are described as the host being the face of the show and the game master being the glue that holds it all together.  Longer descriptions of the 2 roles may be found below. “Game Time” is expected to film in the spring of 2020 in the Pittsburgh area.  The show is also accepting submissions from folks that want to be participants / competitors.

According to their site, “Game Time” will be Pittsburgh’s first locally-produced game show which will bring physical activity, competition, and fun into one arena.

While Pittsburgh’s interactive entertainment opportunities grow and evolve, Game Time! offers this city an unprecedented and unparalleled opportunity for physical activity, competition, and fun. Inspired by nostalgic activities including mini golf, fishing, and board games, Pittsburgh’s first locally-produced game show brings recently popularized challenges like escape rooms and bar trivia to a new level by adding an audience, team-based competition, and the chance to win a grand prize.

Every Game Time! attendee receives a complimentary t-shirt in one of four team colors and can register for a chance to play one of the four large-format games that evening. Four audience members from each team are randomly selected to play each game for four total rounds, with each round featuring an entirely new and unpredictable game. At the end of all four rounds, the team with the highest score spins a prize wheel to determine the grand prize each player will receive.

Featuring a soundscape by DJ Inception, an inflatable pool, pink pirate ships, a hamster cage, and a large rubber duck, Game Time!’s lineup of games promises a night of challenge and high-energy entertainment unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Those wanting to be contestants can check out

Character Overview: We are seeking a charismatic host to be the face and voice of Game Time!. We encourage applicants to show their unique personality and energy or to create a character whose persona is tailored to the role of a game show host. The host is responsible for welcoming the audience, introducing the show and its games, and providing banter during scene change and commentary during game play. This role is partially scripted but also relies heavily on improvisational skills.

The actor chosen to play the host will work closely with the producer in the development of the show and their character.
Those interested in auditioning for the role of host will need to follow the directions at

Character Overview: The Game Master is the glue that holds the show together. The Game Master plays a crucial functional and logistical role, with oversight of the game play to keep score, keep time, and make sure that everyone is playing safely and fairly. Beyond this, the Game Master also provides a critical character element that adds dimension to the show through his or her interactions with the players and host. This character is mute and relies on noise making instruments to communicate to players, so an aptitude for physical comedy is highly desirable. This character also has several costume changes to match the themes of each game. Examples of costumes may be hip waders for the fishing-themed ‘Think Tank’ or a mermaid for the nautical-themed ‘Bombs Away’.

For this audition, we encourage the applicants to make their own choices as to whether their relationship to the host is that of friend or foe, and if the extensive costume changes make their character excited, miserable, confused, or something else.

The actor chosen to play the Game Master will work closely with the producer in the development of the show and their character.
Those wishing to audition for the role of Game Master may see the following page

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