Auditions in Atlanta Georgia for Student Movie “Echo in the Past”

Echo in the Past

Location: Atlanta, GA

Type: Student Films

Synopsis: What happens when you spend four years dedicated to pole vaulting in high school, only to have that ability to compete immediately vanish upon entering college? Based on a true story, Gabe stands at the crossroads between the naivete of high school and the reality of college, as he struggles to apply his old mentality to new scenarios. This film explores themes of fear and frustration, imposter syndrome, self-empowerment, and the breakdown of mental paradigms.

Character Descriptions:
Gabe is the main protagonist of the film. The film’s structure juxtaposes Gabe’s athletic confidence in high school against his college struggle to make the ultimate frisbee club team.
– Asian-American, male college student (18 – 26)
– Lean athletic build
– Excellent public speaker
– Outwardly confident and self-assured
– Inwardly self-critical and doubtful
– Ability to show a wide range of emotions, including a panic attack/emotional breakdown
– Willingness to sprint, play ultimate frisbee, lift weights

Sean is Gabe’s foil. As Gabe’s best friend and roommate, but also captain of the ultimate frisbee team, he has a dual-relationship with Gabe. Sean is a charismatic captain who genuinely wants to see everyone make the frisbee team, including Gabe. Sean’s high moral values and belief in others challenge the team to continually become better.
– Male college student (18 – 26)
– Athletic build
– Can be enthusiastic and charismatic, but also carries a sense of professionalism
– Has a big presence

Ashley is a minor character in the film, appearing in one major scene. As Gabe’s college girlfriend, she challenges Gabe to remember the confidence and mental strength he had in high school to persevere through adversity.
– Female college student (18 – 26)
– Perceptive and intelligent
– Confident in herself and in others
– Affectionate and empathetic
– Able to act shocked and concerned

Mark is a minor character in the film, appearing in one major scene. A college freshman on the ultimate frisbee team, he reinforces the notion that Gabe is out-of-touch with his frisbee team by outperforming him.
– Male college student (18-22)
– Athletic build, ideally larger
– Naively arrogant and self-assured
– Can portray the sense that he knows he’s better than someone, but understanding and respecting seniority
– Able to act like a college freshman

Extras are needed to create a men’s ultimate frisbee team, used in establishing shots and to be placed in backgrounds of certain scenes.
– College-age males
– Willing to take part in mild physical activity (i.e. tossing a frisbee around in the background,
appearing energetic on the field, etc.)

Additional Details:
Please send headshots and resume to If you do not have a resume, a headshot is sufficient.

Auditions will take place between February 8th – 16th and be held in Midtown Atlanta. Exact times and locations will be coordinated upon selection.

Principle Photography will take place on February 29th (Saturday), March 1st (Sunday), March 7th (Saturday), and, if needed, March 8th (Sunday). Exact times TBA and flexible.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, GA
Please submit to: by 2020-02-15

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