Auditions in DC for Indie Film


Location: Washington DC

Type:Indie Film

Filming for Kamya is scheduled to take place in September.

Logline – Locked down during a virus quarantine, a young woman has hours to close a deal on her job the same day an ancient demon arrives at her front doorstep.

Characters & bios
Kamya Cross – She graduated from College ten years ago and is already blazing trails as the first female Creative Director at the A1 Advertising Agency, Boorish Brothers. Her wit is lighting quick and she never takes no for an answer. Boss.

Jason Cross – Kamya’s widowed father used to work the journalism beat. He went down one rabbit hole too many in search of answers to society’s most puzzling questions and did not emerge mentally unscathed.

David Ebbing – Kamya’s mysterious boyfriend. He spends most of his time away on missionary work. Curious by nature, he has become a sort of collector of oddities from around the world.

Megan Waters – The line producer for The Boorish Brothers Agency. Though older than her contemporaries, her carefree attitude and people skills have often made her standout among them as a leader. Her soft skills and rapport with several headhunters have kept her in the business working a cushy job.

Brandon Fagel – This bullheaded marketing genius offends as much as he talks. He’s as nimble on his neurological feet as Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky is on an ice rink. For Brandon, spewing verbal jabs are part of his creative process. Suffice to say, he often is the most passionate about projects at The Boorish Brothers Advertising Agency.

Tina Aaron – Woke ain’t the word for Tina. This brainy upstart comes across as a potential BFF to everyone. Though recently joining The Boorish Brothers Advertising Agency, her knowledge of pop culture has made her a unique member of the team.

Duffries Seaford – Passionate about his advertising career, this friendly go getter is often willing to stick his neck out for his fellow advertising brothers and sisters. His tough skin helps him to survive the many verbal spars on his career path.

Wes – The owner at the local IT company CCR. CCR is a computer repair company that holds a contract with The Boorish Brothers Advertising Company. The sort of guy who’d become enervated should he ever miss a step in his daily routine. He maintains it to maintain his mind.

Mike – The fast joking uncle you wish you had. He will crack jokes as fast as he’ll crack you upside your head.

Visitor 1 (Woman) A mysterious young woman.

Visitor 2 (Man) A mysterious young man.

Visitor 3 (Woman) A standoffish woman who is very creepy.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Washington DC
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Send along a headshot, resume, and links to a reel if available.

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