Auditions in Nashville for Indie Comedy Mockumentary based on Paranormal Investigation shows

“…And Then Jeff Killed Everyone”

Location: Nashville

Type: Film

A Horror Comedy Mockumentary based on Paranormal Investigation shows.

A team of novice ghost hunters goes looking for spirits but they realize too late that the biggest threat is one of their own team members.

Don Logins
Team Leader, Male
Arrogant and Self-Indulgent. Wants a TV show mostly just to be a star. Often wears Ed Hardy clothes and studded belts with large belt buckles. The kind of guy who wouldn’t take his sunglasses off inside because it might make him look less cool. Deep down underneath it all, he knows he’s a fraud. Inspired by Zac Bagins of Ghost Adventures.

Team Historian & Investigator, Female
Soft-spoken but confident and intelligent. She has a very kind demeanor but has a great BS detector that she utilizes with a sly sense of humor. The type of person who can easily tolerate any type of person even poke fun at them and still come off as friendly. Loosely inspired by Kris Williams of Ghost Hunter and Amy Bruni of Kindred Spirits.

Investigator, Male
The squirrely one of the group. A bit of an airhead and a screw-up but remains confident in everything he does. Preferably a thick Boston accent.

Investigator, Male
Competent and professional. Skeptical of the paranormal. Mostly concerned with expanding his professional portfolio. Also quite friendly, a bit of a jokester.

Medium, Female
A very confident and in your face Medium. She’s sassy and doesn’t care what others think about her as a Medium. She also knows it’s all an act but she’s completely dedicated to it.

Since the film will be presented in a mockumentary style such as films like Best in Show and shows like The Office a lot of the dialogue will be created through improvisation. This audition will be the first step to show what you can offer to the character. Once cast the time before filming will be spent developing and filling out your character so when the time comes to film you will be able to comfortably and naturally speak as them on camera.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Nashville
Please submit to:
As an Audition, we are asking that all applicants choose the part or parts that interest you and shoot a short video of yourself as that character auditioning for the Paranormal Investigation show from the film called Haunt Hunt. In the case of the character Don, he will be selling himself and his show to potential TV networks.

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