Auditions in Raleigh, NC for Music Video


YouTube Cash Money Game Guess the movie

Location: Raleigh,nc

Type: Music Video

Location: Raleigh NC

Type: Film

This project will be a interactive youtube cash game based on an old horror movie made from the years 1980s-1990s, that we are revamping and changing around the scenes and script to see if the viewer can figure out which horror movie it is. We need a female and male actors. We need to fill the following characters at auditions:

Female Lead- crystal

Male Lead- Ted

Male Lead- Heroin- Rick

Alisa-Female Heroin

Dr.Smith- Male 2nd heroin

Crystals Mother

Melinda- alisas friend black female 18-20 years old, brian’s girlfriend

Brian- Melinda’s boyfriend black young man 20’s or younger

Ellaine- alisas friend, knows rick (red head)

Kelly- Dates passerby Brandon looking to have a romantic weekend in town

Brandon- Dates kelly; has to leave town early

Crystals father- 2 to 3 flashback scenes

Young Crystal- child age school age

Nicholas- Rick’s Friend/helper

3 extras- for the engagement parties

Bill- alisas friend

Evelyn- alisas friend, with bill

extras for the cafe and streets

extras for alisas and crystals neighborhood

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Raleigh, NC
Please submit to: by 09/30/2020
resume, headshot, or video of last work.

This casting notice was posted by: Diamond Cheerleading

Payment: non-paid

City or Location of call: Raleigh,nc
Please submit to:
Email to

This casting notice was posted by: Diamond Cheer

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