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Type: Film

A father promised his daughter that he will buy a cake for her birthday, but he couldn’t make it because he used the money to help their neighbour.

Uncle John, promised his daughter Janette that he will buy her a cake and present for her 6 years old birthday. He went to request to get he pay earlier from his boss. After he get his money, he wanted to bring Janette out for her present. But at this timing, their neighbour aunty marry came ask for help, she needs to bring her son to the doctor urgently but she doesn’t have enough cash with her. Uncle John decided to lend the money to her. Few days later, aunty marry came to their house to return the money, she also bring along a cake and a toy bear for Janette for her belated birthday present.


Uncle Johan (Malay man)
– Age 35
– Physical appearance: Tall and thin, ordinary looks, black hair. Likes to wear T shirt and Jeans when he’s not at work.
– Character: Kind hearted, some people will take this as his weakness and take advantage of him. Helpful, helps people when he can. Hardworking, always work hard in his job. Introvert, patience, responsible and friendly man. He is his daughter role model.
– Background: His wife passed away few years ago, he raised his daughter up alone. He work as a packer, has a lower income, work hard to support his child

Aisha (Young Malay girl)
– 6 years old
– Physical appearance: Small and thin hair Long black hair. Big eyes, has nice smile. Cute looking. Likes to wear nice dress.
– Character: A outgoing and friendly girl. Likes to make new friends. A cheerful and understanding girl, always greet people with smile. She is a honest person too, who can’t lie. Follows her dad character. She remain positive even faced problems with her dad.
– Background: Her mum passed away few years ago, her dad raised her up so she’s very close to her dad Uncle Johan. She always keep the keychain with her because that’s the only thing her mum gave her.

Aunty Mary (Chinese women)
– Age 40
– Physical appearance: Short. Has black curly hair, wear spectacle. lightcolour clothes with medium long pants
– Character: Kind, will repay kindness if she receive helps from others. She always keep her promises. An introvert person, doesn’t interact much with her neighbours much.
– Background: Divorce. She has 2 son, take care them by herself. Works two jobs to support them. Her youngest son Andy has weak body, fall sick easily.

Boss (Chinese man)
– Age 45
– Physical appearance: Tall. Tanned skin. Wear spectacular. Always wear
– Character: Selfish, cunning and despicable person. Likes to take advantage of people. Treasure money more than his life. An unreasonable person.
– Background: He became a boss of a packer company. Always find reasons to deduct his subordinates salary.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: ITE COLLEGE CENTRAL
Please submit to: [email protected] by 2020-08-23
Resume , Headshot , Video Audition

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