Calling People With Interesting True Crime Stories Nationwide

By | October 5, 2020

New TV series for a major cable network wants to hear your true crime stories.

When emotions of the heart take over, rational thinking disappears, huge mistakes are made and sometimes in the heat of it all, a crime is committed.

If you have committed a crime of passion, been a victim of one, or if a crime was committed in your hometown that nobody could believe, producers for this show want to hear all about it.

Scorned partners, blinded by love, neighbors feuding, parents going too far, custody battles, acts of jealousy, desperation or obsession – The show wants to hear your story.

Nationwide –  True Crime Stories for a major cable network.

We want to hear from both sides of a crime set off by high emotion; jealousy, hurt, desperation, in the name of love, duty to protect a loved one or one’s children, blinded by competition, etc.

No murder or violent crimes. If you’ve committed a crime like this or if you were the victim of one and want to share your side of the story, we’d love to hear from you. If there is a story from your hometown that had everyone talking, we want to hear about it too!

Email a summary of your story and your contact information to


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