Casting Couples Nationwide For A Relationship Podcast – Do You Suspect Your Partner Is Not Being Honest

Relationship Podcast

Location: Nationwide

Type: Other Projects

We are seeking people who are currently in a relationship with a partner they suspect is not being fully honest or are not who they say they are. This would be a 30 minute interview via phone with our host who is a relationship expert. The host will give their take on the situation and offer our caller advice. We are only interested in speaking with the partner who has the concern. There is pay.

Do you think your partner is living a double life? Have they given you reason to doubt they are who they say they are? Maybe they are hiding what they really do for a living. Maybe they are trying to hide something or someone from their past. Maybe they have an addiction they can’t come clean from. Maybe they are trying to take advantage of something you have.

If any of these hit a cord with you or you know there’s something not right, but just can’t put your finger on, it might just be time to get an expert’s take and advice on the situation.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: by 2020-09-02
Brief summary of your relationship

This casting notice was posted by: Caroline Murphy, Pitman Casting, Casting Producer

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