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Spears Tip Casting Call

Location: Email submission ONLY casting call. (CT/NY/NJ) residents are wanted.

Type: Film

Project Description:

The film is called, “Spears Tip.” It’s a fictional, lost tale about a small coastal African Kingdom and their love for land, nation and people told by African ancestors. When European explorers impede on their land, emotions rise as the kingdom is met with intolerance. As the story unfolds, the ramifications of decisions made lead to the need for liberation by a unified choice. The film will be shot through the perspectives of the villagers and this is a short silent film.

Available Roles:

We are casting for 6 female royal guards.


•Must be dark brown or dark skin of African, West Indian or African American decent.

•Tattoos are acceptable and will be covered if selected.

•Hairstyle: Low natural cuts, bald heads, free grown or styled locs and fros wanted.
Hair color must be black with zero highlights or modern styles.

•Sizes: 4-8

•Height: 5’7-6ft

•Age: 18-30

•Must physically fit (some scenes require running and there are mock combat scenes)

•Must currently be a resident of CT/NY/NJ

•Models or actresses acceptable

It’s incredibly important to share real visuals and different narratives of and from the Afro/black community to the rest of the world. More often than not, we don’t control the narratives created about us. We rarely get true representations of artistic, organic, respectful stories created to illuminate the wonder and glory of us as a people before slavery. “Spears Tip” was written for the purpose of telling a story about Afro/black women and men as they take on the shared responsibility of stabilizing their kingdom and staying strong for each other.

We want to portray the beauty and incredible strength of Africa before slavery, showing the truths about Africa and what the continent and its countries mean to the African Diaspora. “Spears Tip,” is a story that represents the underrepresented love and cultural pride that has been left out of so many narratives.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Email submission ONLY casting call. (CT/NY/NJ) residents are wanted.
Please submit to: by 2020-08-25
EMAIL SUBMISSIONS ONLY. Please submit one head shot and one body shot unedited. If you have reels or a resume, feel free to submit those as well. We are looking to cast CT/NY/NJ residents for these roles. When emailing you submission please put “African Warrior” as your subject.

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