“Flight of My Breath” Student Film Auditions in Chicago

By | March 9, 2020

Flight of My Breath

Location: Chicago, IL

Type: Student Films

Logline: After being released from prison, a young man must choose between two warring ways of life.

Short: Surrealist Drama

Synopsis: After 6 years in prison, 93(20’s) seeks solace from an institutionalized mindset. He has a deep bond with his longtime girlfriend, Rizzi(20’s) and is searching for the same thing with his son, Djay(6-12). But once he returns to his block and reconnects with his clique — old habits start to resurface. When a rival gang starts internet banging, 93 attempts to overcome his old mindset and be a good example for his son.

[ 93 ] Male 20s.(Black) He is desperate to break away from his old ways and adapt to life at home with his family. Behind a tough mask, he’s dealing with chronic trauma and his main goal is to avoid victimhood. In order to protect himself, he has fully bought into the ideals and the imagery of hypermasculinity. A lot of decisions are made to protect himself from further pain.

Must be comfortable using a non-firing prop gun and performing a rap. Ability to roller skate preferred.

[ Rizzi ] Female 20s. (Black) Having gone so long as a single mother, she is strong and independent and operates from a moral high ground. She is extremely protective of her son and despite 93’s prior mistakes, hopes his return will complete the family unit. She shares a special, often flirtatious, bond with 93.
Ability to roller skate preferred.

[ Djay ] Male 6 – 12. (Black) He is 93 and Rizzi’s only son. As the previous man of the house, he has a warm, but protective relationship with his mother. His father’s return from prison is a disruption to his life. While he doesn’t remember 93, he gains an understanding of who his father is and begins to idolize him for all the wrong reasons.
Must have parental consent and be comfortable using a non-firing prop gun.

[ Kil ] Male 20s. (Black) Although not the best influence, he is like a brother to 93. He is an act-first, ask-questions later type of guy who never lets people in past his hard exterior.
Must be comfortable using a non-firing prop gun.

[ Tdot ] Male 20s (Black). Constantly live streaming, He fuels real beef between gangs through his live streams.
Must be comfortable using a non-firing prop gun.

[ Quan ] Male late 20s.(Black) One of the older guys of the street gang. He has been around the block the longest – and with that, feels a need to impart his particular wisdom.
Must be comfortable using a non-firing prop gun.

[ Lil Moe ] 16 – 20s.(Black) He is one of the youngest, eager to prove himself to the older guys that he idolizes.
Must be comfortable using a non-firing prop gun.

[ Niya ] Female 20s.(Black) She’s the only woman in the group and projects extra masculinity to compensate.
Must be comfortable using a non-firing prop gun.

[ Jasper ] Male 20s.(Black) A member of the rival gang. He’s got a vendetta against 93 and has no regard for who gets in the way.
Must be comfortable using a non-firing prop gun.

[ Malik ] Male 6 -12. (Black) The leader of a group of neighborhood kids. He does not have a lot of structure in his life and ends up idolizing the dudes on the block. He is Djay’s friend.

[ Jordan ] Male 6 -12(Black). Djay’s friend.

[ Latjuan ] Male 6 – 12.(Black) Djay’s friend.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Chicago, IL
Please submit to: flightofmybreathcasting@gmail.com by 2020-03-28

This casting notice was posted by: Amaris Hayes, Columbia College Chicago

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