Improv Actress in Los Angeles for Live Event


Peatin Meetin 2020

Location: Los Angeles

Type: Festivals

This is the 12th annual Peatin Meetin event – the premiere single malt scotch event in Los Angeles.

For 5 years, we have had an entertainer – the Peat Monster – to interact with the guests and poor exquisite single malt scotches.

This year we want to add you – the Peat Lady. This role is live action, interactive improvisation. 2-3 hours – PAID – $250.

The Peat Lady was a bit “doolally” (crazy, but in a fun way) in 1700 when she fell into a peat bog in the Highlands of Scotland. The peat preserved her well, though it added to her fun insanity (always fun & personable!) and her love of single malt scotch.

Now, she is awake, and ready to party! Finding her way to the 12th annual Peatin Meetin in Los Angeles, she wants to share her love of scotch with the guests at the party.

Lots of improv, lots of energy. If you’re confident & having fun, you cannot do this one wrong!

We’ll work with standard improv techniques to find your expression of this character. As a starting point, think of Lily Tomlin’s character “Trudy the Bag Lady.” With the gibberish technique used liberally.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles
Please submit to: by 2020-08-08
Headshot, resume, improv reel

This casting notice was posted by: Geoffrey Mark

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