Actors in Indianapolis for Web Series “Family Flix”


Family Flix (Working Title)

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Type: Web series

The series is primarily a dramedy that follows the life of fourteen-year-old Daniel Declan, the youngest member in the Declan family and a freshman in high school.

While the series primarily revolves around one protagonist, the central focus is on family. This series will dramatically emphasize the importance in having a close family who implement integrity to uphold morality.


Daniel Declan:
Daniel David Declan is the protagonist in the series. He is optimistic, friendly, and energetic. Daniel is typically viewed as innocent, but he has a side to him where he enjoys teasing people and simply enjoying what day-to-day life brings him.

Holly Declan
Holly Rose Declan is Daniel’s older sister and the middle child. She is good-natured but certainly has her shortcomings. She often has unfortunate events happen to her. Nonetheless, she is a caring sister who looks out for her family.

Nolan Declan
Nolan Patrick Declan is the oldest child in the family, and thus, the older brother to Daniel and Holly. Like his father, he appears confident which might come across as conceited. He cares about his image and status, but he can fall into laziness. Moreover, with all that he pursues, Nolan is passionate.

Mr. Declan
John Paul Declan is the rough and tough father in the family. He is seen as confident, hardworking, and determined.

Mrs. Declan
Simple and sweet is Mary Ann Declan (née Morrissey). She is a dedicated mother and wife who cares deeply for her children.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Indianapolis, Indiana
Please submit to: by 2021-08-28
Headshot, resume, short video- If interested, please submit a short video where you simply introduce yourself by answering the following questions: 1. What is your name? 2. How old are you? 3. How tall are you? 4. What sort of traits do you wish for your character to have? In other words, what is his/her personality like? What sort of characters are you good at playing? 5. What are some of your strengths? 6. What are some of your weaknesses? 7. Is there anything you are uncomfortable with to do on camera? (Note: there will be absolutely NO nudity). 8. Do you have any talents or interests besides acting? 9. What foods do you like vs. don’t like?

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