Kansas City Auditions for TV Pilot “Jimmy’s Place”

Jimmy’s Place

Location: Kansas City

Type: TV Pilots

It’s the first two episodes of a potential television show.
[JOAN CARLISLE] Female, 37, open ethnicity, blonde. A responsible and loving mother to Jimmy and Julia, she holds down the fort without help from their absentee father. She always reminds her children to stay positive. She still babies Jimmy. MINOR SUPPORTING
[DR. PAUL JOHANSSON] Male, likely middle-aged, open ethnicity, tall with bright red hair. The choir director. He has a dry sense of humor and an ample supply of sarcasm. He is one of the few faculty not under Julia’s spell. MINOR SUPPORTING
[MR. PHIL CAMPBELL] Male, likely middle-aged, open ethnicity, skinny with long brown hair and a beard. Upbeat. A high-school drama teacher. He sees promise in Jimmy. MINOR SUPPORTING
[CHUCK] Male, open ethnicity, tall and blonde. The owner of the Jimmy’s Place cabaret club. MINOR SUPPORTING

[HAYLEE HAMMOND] Female, 14, open ethnicity, brunette. Julia’s best friend and a fellow diver. Normal isn’t her style. MINOR SUPPORTING
[JD] Male, open ethnicity, tall and green. A bartender at Jimmy’s Place. A good listener with an encouraging attitude, he has good bar-side manner. MINOR SUPPORTING
[HANNAH] Female, early teens, open ethnicity, a pretty blonde. She has a strong ‘mean girl’ vibe. Concerned with coupling up with a hot guy and not much else. MINOR SUPPORTING
[ASHLEE] Female, early teens, open ethnicity, a pretty brunette. Shallow and mean, she calls Jimmy a loser. MINOR SUPPORTING
[CHARLES] Male, likely 50-60s, African American. Jimmy’s friendly bus driver. MINOR SUPPORTING
[KYLE HUNTINGTON] Male, open ethnicity, short and blonde. Jimmy’s helper. MINOR SUPPORTING
[CODY MASTERSON] Male, early teens, open ethnicity, a 6’6” athlete. Jimmy’s best friend from middle school. MINOR SUPPORTING
[Jackson Phillips] Male, mid to late 30’s, talent agent, very talented at scouting. African American MINOR SUPPORTING
[Ricky Kendrick] Male, early to mid teens, A musical theater kid, Jimmy’s new friend. Must be able to sing and dance. Open ethnicity. MINOR SUPPORTING
[Rob Krause] Mal, mid teens, overweight, curly hair, glasses. Think a young Josh Gad MINOR SUPPORTING

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Kansas City
Please submit to: baackflipcreator@aol.com by 2021-07-17
submit headshot/resume, if I’m interested, I’ll have you do a zoom audition

This casting notice was posted by: Tim Bartow

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  1. Johnathan Schott


    I am a 29 year old(I look older), tall (6’1”) male with brown curly hair, a red beard, and blue eyes. I have a very deep voice and have often been told I’d make a great voice actor. I’m not sure if people would consider my humor dry or not. I’d love to audition for either role of Mr. Phil Campbell or Dr. Paul Johansson. I will say, for the later, I know I’m not a talented singer but I’d love to play on that as “helping kids do what I never could”.

    Thank you for your consideration,


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