Auditions for Supporting Roles in Indie Film “Final Days” in Los Angeles Area


Final Days

Location: Los Angeles

Type: Film

Boulevard (Supporting): Female, 18+
Angel disguised as a “whore”; no dialogue.

Celeste (Supporting): 20-30
guardian angel; a young and very beautiful woman (mid 20’s) with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes; she’s loving, caring and is Daniel’s guardian angel; no dialogue.

Young Daniel (Supporting): 10-14
12-years-old, brown eyes and hair, adventurous, curious, naive, good heart; dialogue.

Ariel (Supporting): 25-35
early 30s, beautiful, faithful to a fault, meek around Seth (not so much around others); dialogue.

Seth (Supporting): 30-40
mid-30s, handsome, domineering, muscular, abusive, presumptive, controlling, facial hair, full beard but stubbly, patchy, not fully grown in; dialogue.

Zimmer (Supporting): 18+
sleazy personal investigator, morally ambiguous, short, smooth; s somewhat offputting and older man that is a private investigator that appears to have bad intentions but prioritizes monetary gain; dialogue.

Jesus (Supporting): 25-30
33-years-old, holy, caring, fatherly, martyr, forgiving, lots of hair; tall, strongly built man (early 30s); wiry stature; though his body is breaking, his judgement free righteousness remains evergreen; Jesus is hirsute with long, flowing brown locks and a slightly unkempt beard clinging to his sunken face; holds no contempt for his fellow man, even as they murder him; Jesus is sacrificed by Roman non-believers and finds himself in Hell, the realm of Satan, where he takes the keyring from Satan’s neck; dialogue.

Weeping Women (Supporting): 18+
woman that weeps at Jesus’s feet; be able to cry on cue (unspecified age.)

Townspeople (Background / Extra): 10-60
middle-eastern ancient townspeople.
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern

Guards/Soldiers (Background / Extra): 18+
aggressive, big/fit/muscular, ruthless; dialogue.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles
Please submit to: by 2021-06-20
Please email us your headshot, resume, and availabilities for auditions.

This casting notice was posted by: Casting Director Blake J

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