Auditions in Syracuse / Utica New York Area for Indie Film Roles

By | June 22, 2021


Location: Syracuse, NY

Type: Film

Sendero – Feature Film

Non-Union (for now)

Casting locals to Syracuse and Utica, NY, and surrounding CNY areas.

Please submit to

Character Casting Breakdown:

Gina (20’s-30’s), Any Ethnicity, Female (lead) – Gina is married to Sol (lead). She is a kindergarten teacher full of heart and spunk. She has a passion for teaching and a desire to travel the country with her husband, Sol, and their little dog, Rosie, in their renovated ’84 Winnebago Cheiftain.

Benny (30’s-40’s), African American, Male (Supporting) – Benny is a school principal who holds the weight of the world on his shoulders. When the local community vote to merge the two neighboring town elementary schools together to combat the ever-shrinking education budget, Benny takes it upon himself to reorganize and make some very tough decisions to ensure that no cuts are made to faculty or staff.

Jon (50’s-60’s), Native American, Male (Supporting) – Jon is the father of our lead, Sol. Jon is a kind-hearted, fun-loving, jokester who reminds Sol of lessons he was taught through his Mestizo heritage to help him discover the answers to the difficult choices he’s currently facing regarding his future.

Amelia (50’s-60’s), Hispanic, Female (Supporting) – Amelia is the mother of our lead, Sol. She is extremely caring and nurturing to almost an unbearable degree. There isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for Sol and wants more than anything for him to move back closer to home.

Jamie (12-15), Any Ethnicity, Boy, Girl, Trans (Supporting) – Jamie runs an RV campground. Fed up with a father that is too depressed to do anything other than sleep and watch tv, Jamie attempts to stow away in Sol’s RV and run away from home.

Joe & Erica (20’s-30’s), Any Ethnicity, Male (Supporting/Day players) – Joe and his wife Erica are friends of Gina. They have asked Gina to be the godmother of their newborn child, as well as Sol to be the godfather out of social obligation. Whilst Gina and Sol agree, the baptism of Joe and Erica’s child is an awkward formality.

Mrs. Toppan (Late 30’s-40’s), Caucasian, Female (Day Player) – Mrs. Toppan is a privileged, arrogant, socialite, and mother to one of Sol’s students. She’s demanding and entitled in her demeanor toward Sol and her child’s education.

Teachers (All Ages), Any Ethnicity, Male and Female (Day Players and Extras) – There are many roles to fill for other teachers working within the school, both speaking and non-speaking.

Students (6-14), Any Ethnicity, Male and Female (Day Players and Extras) – There are many roles to fill for school students, both speaking and non-speaking roles.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Syracuse, NY
Please submit to: by 2021-07-09
Please submit headshot, resume, and/or reel, if available.

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