Casting People That Have Tight Friendships With Their Ex

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  • Post last modified:08/24/2021

Groundbreaking, HIT Documentary TV Series is now casting!

If you, your ex and current partner are currently navigating your journey together, we want to hear your story! Take part in a FUN, exciting TV series and GET PAID for participating! NOTE: All parties must be interested in participating and must live within an hour of each other and must be 18 or over.


Does Your Friendship With Your EX cause Tension In Your Current Relationship? (Casting Nationwide USA ONLY/Filmed in your City/State)

-Do you have a non-negotiable relationship with your EX that is causing tension in your life AND current relationship?
-Do the people around you (friends and family members) fail to understand or support your current situation?
-Do you believe that it is OKAY to be friend’s with your EX? Just because you are no longer together doesn’t mean that you CAN’T have a healthy, and close-knit relationship with someone you were romantically involved with?
-Do you have an incredible story to share with your EX WHILE still involved in a committed, romantic relationship with someone else?

All Covid-19 protocols are required & expected by local CDC / Industry guidelines.
TO SUBMIT, please email:
Names/ages of all participants, location (city & state) contact information (phone & email) social media handles if applicable, brief bio and 4-6 photos. A casting team member will be in touch ASAP!

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