Major TV Network Casting For Neighborhood Makeover Show

By | February 10, 2021

The show is now casting in the southern California area as well as casting residents with neighborhood issues in Nevada and Arizona.

Is your neighborhood a dream or is their some room for improvement? Got some noise issues? Issues with some noisy neighborhood pets? Does someone have a crazy lawn or maybe a neighbor has some totally out of control trees?  Are you in a neighborhood feud with the family next door or going to war over a fence? If so, this show and its casting directors would love to hear all about your your neighborhood issues and maybe they can help in getting it worked out.

If some random dog keeps pooping of your lawn, the show is offering their DNA experts to track down the culprit with actual proof. Are there eye sores that may need to be redone or maybe a place that kids can play?  Whatever the issue, there may be help.

They are seeking folks with unique and relatable stories who are willing to share their stories on camera and allow the shows team of experts to come to your neighborhood to investigate and hopefully resolve your community experts.


Casting Call: Neighborhood Makeover on Major TV Network

Wyldside Media is working on a new neighborhood makeover docu-series and we’re looking for local stories to be featured. What great experiences, issues or conflicts have you faced in your neighborhood? Is there an issue in your community that all the neighbors want resolved? Any stories of neighbors coming together to help a neighbor in need? Are you looking to solve a neighborhood mystery (like who doesn’t clean up their dog’s poo)? Does your community need a garden, or a skatepark for the kids?

If you have any good stories in your neighborhood, we’d love to hear from you! Email us your stories at


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