Student Film Project Searching For Actors in Dallas


Sound Off

Location: Dallas, TX

Type: Student Films

Sound Off takes place in the year 2052 where the government has banned every form and any history of music. Leo has been convicted of treason after keeping his mom’s cassette player and now he must fight to not lose the music in his head.

This film is a Southern Methodist University-led student short film. The director is Brady Wilson a current sophomore.
Shooting will take place in Dallas, TX within the first couple of weeks of October (Dates TBD).
All roles are non-paying and non-union.


Leo McKay (Protagonist)
Age range from 18-25, any ethnicity. Leo is very strong-minded in the importance of music in society and in his attempt to keep music in his life and not let the government take it away.
Notice: The majority (90%) of the film Leo is tied to a chair and handcuffed while being interrogated.

Agent Paul (Antagonist)
Age Range from 25-45, any ethnicity. Agent Paul is the main voice behind outlawing music and the man in charge of Leo’s case. He is very power-hungry and intelligent but also feels bad for some of the choices he has made on his way to power.

Mary Mckay (secondary character)
Age range from 25-40, any ethnicity (Will have to match Leo’s ethnicity) Mary is Leo’s mother who was an artist. She is the reason Leo is afraid to lose music.
Notice: Being able to play the piano is not required but is helpful.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Dallas, TX
Please submit to: by 2021-09-23
Feel free to contact and put the character’s name you wish to audition for in the subject line. Attach a resume and any reels you may have. Please email by September 23rd and we will reach back to potentially schedule an in-person audition

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