Actors in NY / NJ Area for Short Film Festival Movie Project


Don’t Quit – The Short

Location: NYC/NJ

Type: Film

We are filming a short film for festival submissions and are seeking to fill the following roles. In addition to film festivals, we will be distributing the short on our partnered network which will be available on Rok, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and both mobile markets.

Sam is a good girl who got lost in the wrong love. She’s been married to an alcohol junkie for years. Sam suffers every day forceful taking care of her husband. He beats her until she’s out cold, continuously rape her but makes her get an abortion if pregnant and keeps her caged away in her home with no outside communication. Until one day one she starts meditating and an Orisha goddess begins to appear. She begins to develop a new personality with the guidance of her spirit. A fighter, a warrior, a murder. Will she make it out alive?

** = Sam and Frida will be played by the same actor.

Henry De’Marlo- Construction worker, mean and aggressive. Angry drunk, chain smoker, strong man, manipulative narcissist. Any ethnicity, 5’10 or taller, muscular/athletic

**Frida- Sam’s split personality, wild and abrasive, cunning with a witty snark. Extremely willing to go the extra mile to get what she wants and/or do what she wants

**Sam De’Marlo- Soft and timid, shy and extremely frightened all the time, she has lost herself within her marriage and has hit her breaking point. Any ethnicity, 5’8 or shorter, slim/slender

Yemaya- The Orisha Goddess who guides and saves Sam from her nightmare. 5’9 or taller, thick/curvy, AA/Afro Latin/Deep melanin

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: NYC/NJ
Please submit to: by 2022-04-07
Please forward video reel or links to work, resume, social links and headshot

This casting notice was posted by: Y&H Productions

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