Audition in Toronto for Indie Web Series



Sweet Nothings
Shoot Dates: May 11th- 15th, 2022 (Wed-Sun)
Location: Toronto, ON

Synopsis: “After turning 25, an unemployed, unlucky in love and bitter musician from Toronto seeks for a new direction in life by taking the advice of her friends – literally.”

Type: Non-Union/Union, Unpaid*

Genre: Comedy/Romance
Tone: French New Wave meets New Girl

*mileage, food and demo reel material provided

NOTE: Must be willing to post TikToks with the crew and cast on the official Sweet Nothings TikTok.

MIA (LEAD, 20-30, female-identifying, open ethnicity):
Deep down, Mia is a hopeless romantic. Unfortunately for her, she’s had a lot of bad luck that has made her bitter, cold and sarcastic. She carries a blunt, no bullshit attitude as she explores new job opportunities, relationships and sticky situations.

NOAH (SUPPORTING, 20-30, male-identifying, open ethnicity):
With his James Dean charm and “I know you like me” energy, Noah can sweep any girl off her feet. He’s a dreamboat – but is there more than meets the eye?

TONY (SUPPORTING, 20-30, male-identifying, open ethnicity):
As a self proclaimed comedian, Tony’s just tryna have a good time. Protein shake? IBS pills? His girlfriend Chanel? What more do you need? Life’s good.

CHANEL (SUPPORTING, 20-30, female-identifying, open ethnicity):
On a good day, beauty YouTuber Chanel is calm, collected and peaceful. On a bad day she’ll claw your eyes out with her rhinestone acrylics. She wears rage well.

BENITO (SUPPORTING, 20-30, male-identifying, open ethnicity):
As the poster boy for sexual freedom and expression, Benito never leaves the house without his statement pieces. Think Bretman Rock. Benito practices tough love because he loves his friends and hates wasted potential.

SUGAR DADDY RICK (SUPPORTING, 40-55, male-identifying, open ethnicity):
Rick loves collecting baseball cards, DUI’s and young women. He also likes to make it snow in the Bahamas with his golf buddies.

SPIKE (SUPPORTING, 30-40, male-identifying, open ethnicity):
Spike works as a manager at a company that sells environmental magazines to old people. Some people say Spike’s a do-gooder. Most people say he’s insane.

BOB (CAMEO, 35-50, male-identifying, open ethnicity):
Bob works for Spike. He’s been at the company for 20 years. He also doesn’t shower or cut his nails. Nice guy though.

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