Auditions in Dallas Texas for Feature Film “I Want a Body of My Own”


Location: Dallas, Texas

Type: Film

“I Want a Body of My Own” is a coming-of-age feature film created in association with the SMU Summer Feature Program. It’s about two strangers, Naomi and Chance, who switch bodies and learn to cope with their own identities while seeing the world through another’s eyes. We are currently casting our secondary characters, which include the friends and family of the leads who help shape their paths and teach them about love and acceptance.

JUNE RIVERA (Female, 16-21, Afro-latina) Naomi’s best friend who used to be close with Marissa, but had a falling out with her before Marissa’s death. She can get caught up in high school drama, but she genuinely loves her friends and must work through her own guilt regarding Marissa’s death.

MARISSA CARTER (Female, 16-21, caucasion/white) The youngest of the Carter family, Marissa is a free spirit whose perspective on the world slowly shifts from beautiful to dreary as she feels more and more alone. With her brother moving out, her rough relationship with her parents, and her isolation from her once-close friends, Marissa feels hopeless. For this reason, she takes her own life, but her brother never forgets the amazing person she was and all she taught him.

LETICIA DELUNA (Female, 40-50, Latina/Hispanic) As the mother of 3 children, Leticia is the epitome of the mother who loves and accepts her children endlessly. Leticia and her husband, Josue, came to the United States from Mexico years ago with their daughter, Naomi, and have worked hard to give their children a life of love and opportunities. Preference will be given to actors who speak Spanish.

JOSUE DELUNA (Male, 40-50, Latino/Hispanic) A hardworking father who believes in his children and is proud of them no matter what. After coming to the US from Mexico with his wife and young daughter, Josue has worked diligently to provide for his family and be the loving father Naomi and her siblings need. Preference will be given to actors who speak Spanish.

ANKIA DELUNA (Female, 12-14, Latina/ Hispanic) As the middle child of the DeLuna family, Ankia is learning where she fits into this world. As she discovers herself and navigates middle school, she learns to lean on her family and trust in the support they lend her.

LUCAS DELUNA (Male, 5-9, Latino/Hispanic) The youngest child of the DeLuna family, Lucas is a young boy with a big personality. He is usually not afraid to be himself, but after getting made fun of for painting his nails by some kids at school, Lucas wonders if he should hide who he is. With the encouragement of Chance and his family, Lucas learns how to be himself proudly.

ELIZABETH CARTER (Female, 50-60, Caucasion/white) The mother of the Carter family, Elizabeth deeply loves her children, but hasn’t been able to recognize the harm her husband has brought upon their lives. Elizabeth must grieve the loss of her daughter and figure out how to not also lose her son.

WILLIAM CARTER (Male, 50-60, Caucasion/white) A by-the-book man, William has very specific visions for his family and the way they should be perceived. He is unable to comprehend how his perspective on the world damages and isolates his children, even after Marissa’s death.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Dallas, Texas
Please submit to: by 2022-02-26
In order to audition, please submit a video audition using the sides of your chosen character, as well as your headshots.

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